Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pet Ownership

He was happy to see the cat...this was a very rare occasion...the cat has pretty much been hiding under our bed when the kids are awake and then coming out at night to play (wake us up), eat, and poop in the hallway by the kids' rooms.  So you can probably see where I am going with this...the cat was in the carrier for a reason and once Owen was told the reason he wasn't so happy.  Poor guy!!!!
 After much back and forth we decided to take Sooie back to her original owners.  It broke my heart to tell Owen and see his tears but I'm not sure there was a better answer at this point.  We are already getting little sleep and that is about to get worse, having a cat add to that lack of sleep didn't seem to make sense.  I already have a lot of poop to clean up after and having a pile or two of poop outside the kids' rooms wasn't helping and I was always afraid Owen would step in a pile by accident and then the mess would be every where!  So....with a heavy heart, we took Sooie back.

Funny how pet ownership changes when you have kids!  I got Sam at 16 and that dog peed on the floor constantly and then I got Skip around 20 and he eats holes in the walls but they were my babies and they weren't going any where!  Why is it that the past 2 pets we have "tried out" haven't worked?  Am I less tolerant?  Am I more picky?  Have we not found the perfect pet?  I remember as a kid that my parents got rid of a couple of pets and I was SO sad and thought I would never do that...and I didn't.....until I had kids of my own.  I know we can't keep up this cycle, it is too hard on the kids.  Owen still talks about Kiptyn.  I think a small pet, like another yorkie, that is young (not stuck in its ways like the 5 year old cat) but not too young where I have to pottie train will be ideal but after we adjust to baby and when Addyson is a bit older where she is more gentle with the pet.  For now, we have Skip (who still occasionally eats walls and I threaten him daily to take him to the pound) and a fish that doesn't cause me any grief and a baby on the way.  That seems like enough (and a lot), I just hope the kids see it that way for the time being!  And in the meantime, Brad and I need to stop and take a look at just want kind of pet owners we want to be.

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Rincon Family said...

I can't believe you got rid of the cat!! :)