Thursday, September 29, 2011

Poor Skip

Now that the cat is gone poor Skip is getting ALL of Addyson's affection!
Look at that look on his face....he is pleading for help! : )
She doesn't officially know that the cat is gone but when she goes to look for it she can't find it and she has sort of given up looking.  Why look when she can just chase Skip long enough for him to cower down and she can pick him up and carry him around.  Poor Skip.  I think I hear him bark a warning bark over 100 times a day and it doesn't phase Addyson one bit.  She has learned to call his bluff!  She knows he doesn't bite so she just goes right ahead with her plan of picking him up, carrying him around, rocking him in the chair, pushing him in the shopping cart, holding him while she goes potty, taking him night night with her.... and the list goes one.  She asks over 100 times a day to "hold Skippy".  It has gotten worse these past couple of days and I'm not sure what to do about it.  Poor Skip is about 14 years old and I'm sure all he wants to do is lay around in his old age...not with this overly loving toddler around.  Skip, one day we'll find the perfect pet for Addyson and hopefully let you get some rest....until then, hang in there poor Skip!

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Sara Wittenberg said...

What happened to the cat?