Friday, September 30, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

So today I'm 6 days late and getting antsy.  My parents are on there way from Canada and my mom leaves Monday for France so I feel like time is ticking.  What do we do to keep us busy?  Get OUT of the house!  Thankfully there have been a lot of MOMS Club events planned this week to keep us active!  Today we headed to a Pumpkin Patch!
The kids rode on the cow tractor!  I thought about getting in and going for a ride to see if that would help induce labor but then I was afraid I'd never get myself out of there after seeing Brad have to cram in there with Addyson!
I think I saw a sigh of relief come over Brad's face when Addyson decided, before the ride started, that she was a big girl and could ride by herself like the rest of her friends.  (As I sit here and type this and have no signs of labor, I'm wondering if I should have given the tractor a try!!!)
After the cow tractor ride we went for a walk through the corn maze!  There is an "A" and a Razorback to walk through but the owners gave us a map with the short cut version for the kids!
The kids loved having their own map, reading it, and telling us which way to go!  Again, thankful to be out walking and enjoying each contraction with high hopes that each one was "the one" to kick off labor.... but, as you know, still no luck.
Here's our family shot!  Can you tell the sun is bright and shinning right on us???
Next, we headed to the Little Jack pumpkin patch where the kids could pick out a small pumpkin to take home.
 So many cute, little pumpkins to choose from!
 With handfuls, it is hard to pick just one!!!!
Not knowing if we are going to make it to another patch soon, we went to the big Jack patch and picked out HUGE pumpkins to take home with us!  I loved watching the kids try to pick up all pumpkins of all sizes!
 No pumpkin was too big to try to hold!
And as Owen went through the patch picking out a pumpkin for each member of the family he came across this "huge" one for mommy!  It looks like it has a belly as big as mine!  Should I be offended or think this is cute???  I love how Brad had to laugh about it and tell me what he said a couple of times!  Thanks Brad!
Look at this strong boy!  Wasn't a fan of the dirty pumpkins but this one was so perfect otherwise that we had to tell him the dirt could be washed off!!!
 Which one is prefect for baby?
After we had our fill of pumpkin and had picked out 5 perfect pumpkins, we hopped on the pumpkin tractor and headed back to the entrance to have our pumpkins weighed.
And the kids got lucky to go on one more cow tractor ride!!!  What a fun morning!!!!

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