Friday, September 2, 2011

Washington County Fair

Our busy morning was followed by a busy afternoon.  See, when Brad is just home for a couple of days we try to do as much as possible and do all of those things I have been saving for when he comes home!  The MOMS Club went to the fair on Wednesday to see the animals but we didn't go.  I knew Brad wanted to take the kids so I wanted to save it for him so it was special.
After nap, we loaded up the kids and headed out to the barns at the fair.  First stop, the rabbits.  They are small and safe and the kids enjoying petting them.
Then we moved on to the chickens but passed by some turkeys on the way.  Look at Owen's face!  WOAH!
Some of the chickens had eggs in their cages!  Those were fun to spot!  Our friend Ian and his family have chickens and since then Owen has been asking if would could have some.  He informed us today that we could come back to the fair tomorrow to get our chickens to take home.  How about we take this one thing at a time...we just got a cat....we have a baby on the way.... let's save the chickens for another adventure in the future!!!!
It was fun to see all the pretty roosters and to listen to them crow!!  Cock-a-doodle-do!!!!  Addyson would light up each time she heard one!  It was interesting to hear the actual sound animals made and compare them to the spoken English spin we put on them.  So, at first, I would ask what a rooster said and she would respond with the "cock-a-doodle-do" and then after hearing them she would mimic them instead of using the words.... same happened with the cows.  It was so cute to listen to her make the actual noises!
Walking through the goat barn was not so fun.  I'm not sure why.  Just a couple of weeks about Owen was at Grant's Farm surrounded by goats and feeding them a bottle.  Today, they are in pins and he was scared.... don't quit understand that.  And the fact that this goat was sticking its head out and curious just about put both kids over the edge.
The we went and got to watch the piggies taking a bath to cool off!!!
And then headed over to the petting tent.  Owen was about to go pet this horse until it looked like it was trying to taste daddy's shirt... that was it!  He was done!
Their favorite animals.... the sweet, tiny puppies!!!  Cute and non-threatening!!!
And we finally found the baby chicks Owen had been asking about since we got there.  We got to see a baby chick trying to break free from its egg!!!  That was fun to watch.... for a while.... doesn't happen quit quickly enough for active toddlers!
And before heading out (hot and sweaty), we stopped for a pony ride.  I didn't think Addyson would ride... she had been in Brad's arms most of the afternoon and was afraid of most things.  When she asked to ride I was shocked!!!  She loved it!
And Owen is an ol' pro at horseback riding!!!!  A great way to wrap up the afternoon!!!

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