Sunday, December 4, 2011

2 Months

 Our (not so little) baby boy is 2 months old!!!  I can't believe it!!!  Time is flying!!  Where did November go???
Ethan is spending is 2 month birthday in the car for his first major road trip!!!  We are headed to Texas with Brad for his work and decided to break the 9 hour trip up into two days so it wouldn't be so hard on any of us.  Ethan isn't a huge fan of the car seat so we wanted to go easy on him!!!  We'll soon know if he is a traveler like the rest of us!!!  These pictures were taken in the back seat where he and I were playing while daddy took the older two in for a potty break.
Ethan continues to be a good sleeper and eater!  During the day he spends about 45 minutes to an hour awake and then is ready for a nap.  He'll sleep a couple of hours and then be awake for his 45 minute stretch and then nap again.  He likes to go to bed about 6:45 and he'll sleep until 10 or 11 before he wakes up for his first feeding.  He then wakes up every couple of hours to nurse but goes right back to sleep.  His eating and sleeping habits must attribute to his healthy growth!!!
Weight- 14 pounds 6 ounces (92%)
Height- 24 inches (78%)
I question this measurement... it feels like he has grown a lot since his last visit and since they just use a pen to mark the top of his head and the bottom of his foot on the exam table, I'm sure there is a bit of error in the nurse's measurement.  In addition to passing all of his growth measurements, Ethan passed all of his developmental milestone with flying colors!!! As the doctor was asking me if Ethan had started to coo yet, Ethan was in the middle of a HUGE cooing and smiling session with full head control and arm movements!!  He definitely is a strong and alert little man!
Now that we have his gas issues under control he is a super happy baby when he is not tired!!!  He LOVES to smile and coo!!!  He is very vocal.... takes after the rest of this family... especially his daddy!!! : )  But, the minute he is tired that's it!!!  He'll go from a big smile and coo and all of a sudden start fussing.... he's done!
If I were to quiz him (like I do the older two) here are what I think some of his answers would be...
What is your favorite drink? Breast milk
What is your favorite toy?  Mr. Moose
What is your favorite seat?  Bouncy seat
Who is your favorite person?  Owen and Addyson
What is your favorite show?  Watching Owen and Addyson
What is your favorite thing?  Mom and dad's headboard
What is your favorite thing to do?  Besides sleeping, I like to smile and talk
What is your favorite song?  Baa Baa Black Sheep
It has been a lot of fun to spend time with Ethan during his waking hours and watch him grow and develop and be able to interact with us!!!  Happy 2 Months Little Man!  I can't wait to watch your little personality develop!

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