Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Advent Tree

I have been meaning to get the kids some sort of advent wreath or activity.... I really wanted a reusable one but never got around to finding one I like and at this point I'm going to wait until they go on sale after Christmas and hopefully have it for next year!!!
So this year, while we were needing an activity after being cooped up in the hotel room ALL day, we went to the store and found a tree craft advent calendar.  It was perfect, small, gets the job done, and it will be easy to pack up and bring with us in the car.
Doing this activity I realized that sometimes, as parents, you just have to let go and go with the flow.  Sometimes it isn't important that things are done perfectly and "as directed" instead, it is important that they are done with love and in the spirit of fun.  So, I let the kids put the ornament on how they wanted to, even if that meant that some were upside down and not hung on the garland.  We also decided to put a sticker on each day instead of putting them all one at one time and moving the marker that came along with the tree.  I had to let go of the "as directed" perfection and realize that how these two decided together to decorate the tree was their ideal of perfection!
So happy with the finished product and glad we are able to better visualize how many days are left until Christmas!!!

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