Saturday, December 31, 2011

Aric and Emily's Wedding

Today was Aric and Emily's wedding!!!  4 of the 5 of us were in the wedding!!  I was SO excited to have my family all dressed up (last too for the rehearsal dinner) and be able to take pictures and I am SO sad to report that I don't have a single family picture. : (  I'm hoping that the photographer at least got one so when those pictures come in I'll have to do another post!
The wedding was at 5 but pictures started at 3:30.  I had a hair appointment at 11 and them planned to rush home and help Brad get the kids up to Pratt Place Barn so we could nap them there and we wouldn't have to have our babysitter load them all up and bring them to us (we were suppose to be there at 2 to start getting ready).  Plans foiled a bit when we got there close to 1 (my goal was noon) and then it took Owen about 15 minutes to fall asleep and Addyson 30 (most of which she was crying).  As time ticked I got SO nervous!  I know if they don't nap good it can be a disaster!  Thankfully Owen woke up excited and ready to go so he went and got ready with the guys.  About 15 minutes later I had Ashley (she was downstairs with the kids while we got ready) wake up Addyson.  She does NOT wake up easily....
It was now 3, pictures were 30 minutes away, and she didn't want to get dressed, she hadn't eaten lunch, and I still had to fix her hair....I was seeing everything start to fall apart!  I snuggled her, bribed her, and then my mom came in all dressed up with her hair fixed and Addyson was finally ready to get ready!  WHEW!!!!  Look at me putting on her little TOMS.... she's the mini bride!! : )
I was SO thankful to have Ashley there all day to help!!!  We bounced kids back and forth depending on who needed what or if I was needed for wedding stuff.  Between her and grandparents and other family members and strangers (to us) the day was pretty stress free!
All the kids were dressed and while the bride and groom took their pictures the kids had time to eat lunch!  Everything was working out and I was SO thankful!  They served mini chicken nuggets... clean enough...except for the bbq dippy which I was able to talk her out of and give her ranch!  When it was time for the kids to take a picture, she'd go with a nugget in hand or mouth but she would have it gone by the time the picture was taken!  A win-win for all!
One thing we love about weddings is reliving our own!!!  Aric and Emily got married in the same church we did so Brad was telling the Groom's men all about our day while we waited for this wedding to kick off!
Since I was in the wedding, I have no pictures of it. : (  The kids did great walking down the aisle!!  None of them were walking the same pace but they all made it down and were cute as could be!  Then Ashley took them to the cafeteria during the ceremony so they didn't have to sit still for the whole thing.  When it was time to leave someone went to get the kids and I heard a scream... then Addyson and Troy appeared  and then Addyson was the only one to walk back up the aisle...without her flowers but she was still cute!!!  Turns out Owen wanted to take the stroller with him (we took it in before the wedding so Ashley would have somewhere to lay Ethan)... he wasn't going to leave it behind.  We should have explained it more to him before hand and had the kids practice more yesterday but it was a bit crazy.... So, no stroller = no Owen.
No worries, on to the reception!!!!  The barn was beautiful, the weather was great (lots of outside pictures), the food was good, and the party was great!!!
All of it was too much fun for this little guy!!!  My cousin Gary got him to sleep and we put him in the stroller where he napped for about 45 minutes and then was up the rest of the time!!  I couldn't believe it!  He was passed from person to person but was such a good sport!  It was nice to have some time with the older two to dance!  Funny story, someone was holding Ethan and our friend Marty went up and said, "Hi Ethan!!!" and the lady said, "OH, that's what his name is!"  To everyone that didn't know him, he was just the cute baby being passed around. : )
The food was so good Addyson kept getting plates full!!!  Being a flower girl is a lot of work!!  She was SO cute.  She kept getting stares from people and Carol, Emily's mom, told me that a lot of people were asking her who that "cute girl" is.
Then she managed to talk Ashley into a piece of cake while daddy was getting her a piece.... what party is a party without 2 pieces of cake?!?!
The cake was SO good that Owen didn't think twice before he licked his plate clean!
Then it was time for the first dance.  Look at this beautiful couple!!!  I'm so happy for them!!!  They met New Year's Eve 6 years ago, got engaged New Year's Eve 2 years ago (at our house), and got married this New Year's Eve!!!  How fun!!!
Then Aric danced with my mom to "I Hope You Dance"... same song Brad danced with him mom to! : )  Look at my mom's hair... I was SO proud of her...she did her hair a bit different AND put gem clips in her hair!!!  I told her it was a wedding so she should live it up and she did!!!!
Then the dance floor was opened and Owen didn't waste any time getting down... literally.... he was break dancing and this was his signature move.... he would get down on his hands and move backwards for about 3 moves and then hope back up!  He was so proud of his move!
The two ring bearers had a blast dancing all night!  Owen would come and ask for water because he was SO thirsty and he would drink the whole glass in one gulp!!!  He told Brad that, "This is the best party EVER!!!!"  Now that's a good party!!!
And Ethan was still awake....and holding strong with Grandpa Ken.
This little princess was getting so tired so we were trying to prepare Owen to leave.  Every time we gave him the "5 minute" warning he would get really sad.  He was having SO much fun and I hated to make him leave but, the other 2 were ready for bed!  So we timed their leaving with Troy's and that made it much easier!  We dressed everyone in their jammies (I fed Ethan) and then we loaded them up for Ashley to take home.  All she had to do was put them in bed and then she would be free to hold Ethan if need be (and after 30 minutes of sleeping in bed Ethan was ready to be held and thankfully everyone else was asleep so that is all Ashley had to do.... I really worried about giving her too much with all 3 kids but it really worked out!)
Once our kids were gone the party was on!!!  Well, for everyone else the party was already started but for me, I was able to start taking pictures and documenting it!!!! : )
And I think I was able to dance with Brad for the first time (and this was probably the fist time all day I said more than 5 words to him!!! : )  )
 It was such a fun party.... people were getting a bit silly.... can you tell???
These are my cousins Gary and Diana.... and my mom Kathy : )
Here is the beautiful couple with their pretty mommies
Me and my mommy
A lot of people stayed and partied past midnight to help ring in the New Year with the Newlyweds... see them kissing there in the middle???
Brad and Ryan toasted the New Year in full wedding style!
Happy New Year Everyone!!!
And Congratulations Aric and Emily Zantow!!!!

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