Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Craft Play Date

We got together today for our standard Thursday play date.  We decided to make one play date a month a craft day and last month I volunteered to host the Christmas one.  A month ago I didn't know that we'd be coming off a hard week on the road, Brad would be gone most of the month, Ethan would be sick, and I would be exhausted... had I known all that I'm not sure I would have hosted.  My friends offered to meet somewhere else but I already had everything planned out, Owen and Addyson had gathered pine cones while we were in Houston, and they were really looking forward to it so I didn't want to cancel.
Once everyone got there I was SO glad I went through with it!  We always do a pot luck breakfast which is really nice.  While the mommas got breakfast ready the kids rocked out in the play room!!!  It was really cute how everyone got an instrument and they made up a song and jammed out!
After playing, everyone had worked up an appetite and were ready to eat!!!
What a sweet group of friends!!!  (We are missing Walker how was sick... poor guy!!!)
Owen (4), Addyson (2.5), Pelinsue (6 mo), Isabella (2.5), Can (3), Andreas (3), Ethan (2 mo)
Since it was Christmas we did a gift swap!!!  Each child brought a book of some kind (reading, coloring, etc.) wrapped up and then we swapped by putting a gift in each child's lap.... no picking so there wouldn't be any fighting!!!  They were all so excited to open up their new books!!!
Then we moved on to the Christmas crafts!!!  First, we made bird seed feeders out of the pine cones the kids had gathered last week.
Each child got a pine cone, little bowl with peanut butter, and a spoon and had fun spreading the peanut butter all over the pine cone!
After that, they dipped their pine cones in the bowl of bird seed!!!  It was a tad messy but I didn't worry.  They were having so much fun and they really liked that they were making bird feeders all by themselves!!!  Today, I was really thankful I had asked for that mini hand held vacuum for my birthday!!!  Made clean up a breeze!!!
The finished product that the birdies are gonna love!!!
Next, I had silver ornaments for the kids to paint.  I love having my kids paint an ornament each year and seeing how different each one is!
It was so cute to watch how serious they all were about creating their masterpieces!
Look at Owie's face, that is his concentrating face!!!  The kids had so much fun that they painted 2 of them!!!  It was a great morning!!!  It really helped put me in the Christmas spirit!!!

Funny Story- That night, while putting him to bed Owen told me I was not nice (I can't remember why but probably because he asked me his usual nightly question, "After we wake up, where are we going?"  I try not to give a specific place because if plans change he gets really upset.  I probably told him, "No where, we are staying home.  Mommy is tired!"  To which I got, "You are not nice!"  I just had to chuckle and remind him of ALL the nice things I did for him and his friends today and I MUST be a nice mommy to do all of those fun things!!!  Not only that, but to do them with a smile when I am beyond exhausted!  So Owen, I have to disagree with you!  I think you mommy IS nice!  And I know you really think so too!

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