Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Day

After a super late night I was hoping all the kids would sleep in... not the case.  Owen was up about 6:45.  We heard him coming so we went and got him and brought him right to our room where we had him wait.... and wait... and wait!  He was crying and I couldn't figure out why he would be sad on Christmas morning (besides having to wait for Addyson to wake up).  Finally, through the tears I heard, "I'm so sad there is NO snow."  I guess he figured since it was Christmas there should be snow...there was last year in Canada!!!  He finally stopped crying and we skyped with my parents hoping that would help keep him happy while waiting for sister but, no such luck.  He was bursting with excitement.  He kept telling me he wanted to go peek.  Finally, at 8:30 we opened the door to Addyson's room so she could wake up.  Once she did we brought her in our room so she could fully wake up... when she is woken up it takes her a bit longer to be her perky, happy self.  Once she was ready I asked her if she wanted to go see what Santa left.  She buried her head in me and said, "No, I scared!"  I had to reassure her that Santa had dropped the presents and left... he wasn't waiting for us in the living. room! Then she was ready but she was gonna let Owen go first to make sure the coast was clear! : )
Funny story- while waiting, Owen said,"Oh mom, we forgot to leave out cookies last night!"  No worries I told him, I did it for him.  I told him I would go check to see if Santa ate them.  (Thankfully, he hadn't been out yet so I still had time to.... well you know!).  I came back and told him that Santa ate the cookies.  He then asked me if I had left out milk.  "Yep!" I told him.... then I had to go "check on Addyson to see if she was awake".  I came back and was hoping this time that I had everything covered.  I don't think he would have bought it had I had to make another trip out of the bedroom that morning without him!
Finally, everyone was awake and happy, mommy got her spot in the living room to capture the kids coming out of the bed room, and I had my compute set up so my family in Canada could watch on Skype.  Now it was time to open the door and run out!
Do you think they are excited?!?!  Look at how high Owen is jumping!!!  I love the looks on their faces!  What a perfect Christmas morning reaction!
Owen yelled, "Oooo, Look at this cool car!!!" and then they both jumped in and pushed the gas. Not knowing how to drive one they drove right into the baby swing.  Brad backed them up and then he drove right into my wall.  Oops!!! Thankfully they had the idea to get out after all of that and go see what else was under the tree.
They quickly spotted Santa's plate with cookie crumbs on it and the note he left them.
Then it didn't take long for them to start getting presents out from under the tree asking, "Is this one mine?"  I think I heard that 100 times.  It was hard to contain their excitement long enough for me to get things "organized" if that is possible on Christmas morning.  See the computer beside Ethan???  I think my Canadian family got a kick out of watching the kids!
To try to spread things out a bit we would have the big kids help Ethan open his gifts.  I think that bought us an extra minute or two of time.  His gifts were rarely interesting to him so they would want to go find another gift for them!
After all the gifts were open the kids got their stockings to go through!!  Santa didn't leave any candy but, he left lots of cool little gifts like bracelets, mini notebooks, and pens!!!!
Ethan was SO patient waiting for someone to come help him open his!!!
It didn't take long before Addyson spotted the unopened stocking and went straight to work!!!
This was my favorite gift this year.  Every year, everyone gets an ornament that represents that year.  Owen got a Razorback basketball, Addyson got a gingerbread man that says "Middle Child", Ethan got a "Born to be a Hog Fan, 1st Christmas", and Brad got a Snoopy dog at the grill (he is our Grill Master).  This year, Brad got me this beautiful ornament that says "We miss you Sam & Skip" and has a dangley 2011 charm.  I cried when I saw it!!!  I also got a bracelet that is a leather band with two circles intertwined together, one say Skip and the other Sam, they are now together forever, and a charm that dangles that has an "A" on it.  I love it!
The kids also helped mommy and daddy open their gifts.  I love my expression.  The joys of being a parent is being able to make over exaggerated facial expression and they are totally appreciated and welcomed!!!!  Makes Christmas morning even more fun!!!
The kids don't really play with their toys while there are still wrapped gifts.  It drives them crazy to have an unopened gift sitting there!  Once all the gifts were opened it was FINALLY time to start playing with the toys!!!  Addyson had asked for princess stuff and she sure got it!!!!  She got a chest full of dress up Disney princess stuff; dresses, crowns, shoes, jewelry, and purses.
Owen got baseball stuff!!!  I got him that.  He told me that he likes baseballs stuff but, "I like football stuff better."  He then told me he would ask for football stuff for his birthday.  At least he is looking forward and not sad that he didn't get it for Christmas!!!  Even though he likes football stuff better, he didn't keep from enjoying his baseball stuff now!!!  The weather was perfect for a "game" in the backyard!
The other enjoyable thing for parents to do on Christmas morning is put together the gifts...... it is enjoyable, right?!?!  Brad got Owen an indoor basketball goal!!!  That was a huge hit..... once it was put together!!! : )
The kids were excited to give the car another shot!  I love how Addyson put her baby's bottle in the cup holder!!!  What you can't see is that floor board full of all of their new toys!!!  Not sure how they even fit in there!!!
Addyson got a baby set of stuff from Aunt Wendy and Uncle Andy.  She loves it!!!  She got her babies and pushed them in the stroller and put them in the crib.  It was so cute to watch!  The other joy of being a parent on Christmas morning, sitting back and watching your children play with their new gifts with big smiles on their faces, enjoying every minute!
Once things had settled down a bit, Owen remembered that we had set out reindeer food so he wanted to go check and see if it had been eaten.  Looks like the reindeer nibbled on the carrots and oats until they were full!
And then Addyson went inside and finished nibbling on Santa's crumbs that he left behind!!! : )
They were finally figuring out how to maneuver the car through the house, with my help turning them around to send them back in the other direction, with minimal damage to the corners in the house.
Since the weather was so nice we thought it would be a better idea to take the car outside to let the kids learn how to drive the car free of walls to run into.
Don't they look cute on the open road?!?!

Funny Story- Owen has been trying to figure out how Santa got the car down the chimney, we told him he probably came down the chimney and then opened the front door to bring the car in... Santa is magic so we are not sure how he did it.  Owen then told us that he heard Santa open the door and come in.  He stayed in his room but he heard Santa walking around and close the door.  It is so cute how he wants to be a part of Santa's magic!!!
We managed to stay in jammies ALL day, just like I wanted!!!  We played all morning, napped, and then played all night!  After I napped, I made all of the side for Christmas dinner while Brad made the turkey and mashed potatoes!  I made sweet potato casserole, broccoli casserole, carrots and pecan pie.... sound a bit like Thanksgiving dinner???  It pretty much was!  We love it all and since Brad missed out on Thanksgiving it was our chance to relive it and include him!!!  I was so proud of myself for cooking as much as I did, normally Brad does most of the cooking.  Maybe I am becoming domesticated!!! : )  Mom joined us for dinner and dessert and got the recap of the day from the kids and it was so fun to hear it all from their perspective!!!  What a great day!!! We will all be in bed by 8!!!  Merry Christmas!

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