Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve Morning

This year, Christmas Eve morning was the time that all my family got together to exchange gifts and celebrate Christmas.
We all went over to my mom's house for breakfast, she served Briar Rose, and then we opened gifts.  The kids could hardly wait.  We had to keep a close eye on them because they were constantly picking up gifts and moving them!!  They had all the gifts from in front of the fireplace to the middle of the living room before we started opening.
The little kids all drew names and the big kids all drew names, makes it a little easier and reasonable to buy gifts when we just have to buy one.  Addyson drew Ethan's name and his gift was my favorite gift I bought this season!!!  Since his favorite song is "Baa, Baa Black Sheep", I found a really cute, soft, and cuddly black sheep on etsy.  In the belly is a removable rice pack that you can either heat up or cool off if he is needing a little extra comfort.  For now, I'm leaving the pack out and it makes it the perfect size for a baby!
Ethan got Addyson a stick horse (now her and Owen don't have to fight over his!), Owen got Troy a couple of different car sets, and Troy got Owen a light saber!!!  He has been asking for one since he saw them on the Square!!!
3 of the 8 people asked for warm winter gear and got hats!!!!
Not wanting to be left out, Ryan made his own hat and joined the "Hat Club"!!!
Addyson, not able to rest or play with toys until all the presents are opened, helped everyone open their gifts!!!  Thankfully Kaitlyn didn't mind one bit.... not that she really had a choice!
Owen loves to gather all of his loot in his arms and carry it around.  I think he loves having his arms full of goodies!! And that was made possible thanks to Troy, Kaitlyn, Anna, and Nammie!
We forgot to take a group picture at the beginning of the morning and by noon everyone was tired and heading out the door when my mom reminded us to take a picture.  Owen wasn't so happy about the idea, he was NOT going to sit by us.  He doesn't realize he is still in the picture though!! ; )  Merry Christmas Eve everyone!

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