Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

Tonight we dressed for our annual Christmas traditions!  We go to the Children's Mass on Christmas Eve and then host everyone at our house for fondue and appetizers!
As soon as we get home from church I try to get our family shot of the year before kids are messy, tired, and not willing to stand in front of the tree for multiple shots trying to get the perfect one!!!
By the end of our photo shoot the kids are acting goofy which make for silly pictures!!!  Here is my beautiful family at the end of 2011!!!
We love to host but it makes Christmas Eve day a little crazy especially since we spent all morning at my mom's house!!!  We run around like chickens with our heads cut off until we leave for mass but, when we get home from it is all fun and smiles!!!
Brad did a great job prepping all of the food while I napped with the kids!!!  Look at those yummy mini salads in a pasta shell!!!  Addyson couldn't wait to dig in.  I realized once we got to church that we all forgot to eat lunch since we ate so late at mom's house so by 6:30 the kids were starving!
When she wasn't eating, she was helping in the kitchen!!!  See her knew heels from Kaitlyn?  She is turning into a little diva!
I somehow didn't eat much fondue, I must have been nursing Ethan down.  But, I was able to catch the kids having fun with daddy!  This is their perfect dinner!!!  Owen loves shrimp and Addyson loves meats of all kinds so to be able to have a plate full of meats you just cooked makes for a great night!
Our friends the Dixons were on their way over so I wanted the kids to unwrap their gift of the night, I got everyone new Christmas jammies!!  The Dixons were coming for a jammie party so pictures of cute kids in new jammies are still to come.....
Before we switched to jammie mode, I had a game for everyone to play.  It was a gift scramble.  No one knew what they were playing for or what was in store, they just had to wait and see.  The idea is to roll the dice until you get a 1, when you do you have to put on a hat, scarf, and pair of gloves and once you have all that on you can start unwrapping the gift.
While you are getting "dressed" the other people are still rolling and if someone gets a 1 they take everything from you and start putting it one.  This goes on and on.  My mom got the first box opened and thought she had won until I told her she had to open the box and inside she found another box wrapped up!!!
I have 5 boxes wrapped, Aric had it for a long time and got 2 unwrapped and was working on the very last box when Gina rolled a 1 and ended up finishing the game off and winning the gift card!!!  Aric was a bit "mad" he did all that work and she got it but... that's how the game goes!!! : )  I wasn't sure how the kids would do with the game but they had a BLAST!!!!  It was super cute to watch them!
At this point it is after 9 and time to start winding down!!!  Time to put jammies on!!!!
Look at these cute kids who are all ready for Santa to come bright and early!!!
The stocking were hung by the chimney with care in hopes that St. Nicholas would soon be here!!!
I'm not sure how it happened but, Troy left and Addyson's jammies came off and the kids were looking at their new Christmas book I got where you have to find certain items on each page.  At least this was a calming activity!  Now it is after 10 and the Dixons left and I told my kids it was time to get ready for bed because Santa was on his way!!!!
I said that before we went to bed we needed to put out the reindeer food.  I thought the kids would be excited!  Addyson found her food and I said that it was time to go outside.  Addyson said, "I no go outside.  I scared!"  I think she was afraid that Santa was outside waiting for us!  She opened the door and dumped her reindeer food right there, she WASN'T going outside and risking running into that big guy in the red suit!!!
Owen got a bowl full of carrots and his reindeer food and dumped it all out before I could get him to sprinkle it around.  I think he was in a bit of the mindset as Addyson and wanted to dump his food and run before Santa showed up!!!  Now, my kids are nestled all snug in their beds and waiting for Santa to show up!!!!  Good Night Everyone!

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