Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Story

Tonight the kids participated in the Christmas Story at church!  The story of baby Jesus is sung by the Childrens' Choir and then other children act it out.  Owen wanted to be a donkey so of course, Addyson wanted to be a donkey too!!!
Here is a picture from the rehearsal yesterday, great shot of his tail!!!  Rehearsal was a bit of a disaster and it almost turned him off of the whole deal!  Practice ran 2 hours and went past 11.  By 11, they had walked back and forth 4 times and now the kids were tired and hungry.  When they were asked to walk off the stage for the last time Owen lost it!  He just started crying saying, "I don't want to do it again!"  When I told him we were going to church tonight so he could be in the show he said, "Not again!!!"  I had to promise him they would only do it ONE time tonight!
Here's a close up of my cute donkey!!! : )
Addyson wore her new earrings to church tonight and was looking super cute as we walked through church back to the room where they changed into their costumes.  She was shaking her head side to side so she could feel her earrings move.  She got lots of looks and "awwww, isn't sure cute!" comments.  As we put her costume on she decided to take her earrings off because donkeys don't wear earrings.... she must have changed her mind because as she walked up to the stage she was pulling at her hat and asked Brad for her earrings.  He told her to go find Owen and stand beside him....
So up she went.  She spent most of her time looking at all of the other kids in their costumes and "baby Jesus".  It was so cute!  Owen had a big grin on his face and he stood up there waiting for the time to sing "Silent Night".
I think this is my favorite picture!!!  I love how he is looking at her as if she is the cutest thing in the world.  He really adores her and I know the feeling between the two is mutual!
Soon after that picture was taken, Addyson decided that she needed her earrings and couldn't wait until after the show was over.  In the middle of the show, she walked off stage, up the aisle to us, and talking the whole time about how she needed her earrings.  She got lots of giggles from the crowd!!!  She came to us, took her hat off, and put her earrings on and then marched back up to stage and put her hat on by herself!!!  When I saw the above picture I couldn't contain my giggles.  She cracks me up!!!!
She got her hat back in place just in time to sing "Silent Night"!!!!  So cute!!!  As she returned to our seat several people commented on her cute earrings and how adorable she was to want them back on!  This is probably why they recommend children under the age of 3 not be in the show!! : )  At least she had fun and wasn't crying!
All that performing made her work up an appetite!!!  Snacking on pretzels... isn't she adorable in those earrings?!?!  And the show continued.  Normally, our kids sits so good in church... not tonight.  They were all over the place and didn't sit still.  They must have been feeding of the energy from ALL of the kids in church for the Children's Mass and the anticipation of tomorrow morning must have made for a deadly combo of high energy kids!!!

Funny Story (well embarrassing for me)- I was sweating up a storm after juggling all the kids and trying to keep them quiet during church.. while we were kneeling Owen wrapped his arm around mine and somehow managed to touch near my armpit.  After doing so he loudly asks, "Why is it wet under there???"  I almost died!!!  I started laughing SO hard (as quiet as I could) and didn't answer him.  I had Brad asking me over and over again why I was laughing and I had Owen repeating his question over and over again because I didn't answer him.... soon Addyson was asking too.  I was SO embarrassed.  Marty was sitting behind us and tapped me on the shoulder and said, "It is a good thing it is us sitting behind you!" which let me know that Owen asked loud enough for others in the church to hear.  Oh brother!!!  I guess next year I need to double up my deodorant before church!!!  That or sit alone and leave the kids with Brad! : )

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