Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Entertaining Ethan

Getting ready isn't always easy these days.  It seems like someone always needs me!  Ethan doesn't like to be left alone so I usually try to bring him in the bathroom with me and put him in his bouncy seat.  This morning he had bouncy seat time while I made breakfast so he was ready to stretch out.
I asked Owen to come entertain Ethan for me so I could get ready!!!  Ethan LOVES Owen and Addyson and Owen is so gentle with him so I knew Owen could help me keep Ethan happy for a few minutes!  I was right!!!
Addyson heard that the boys were having fun in my room and caught wind that I was taking pictures so it didn't take her long to come jump in on the fun!!!  She crawled up on my bed so fast and started smiling!!
Oh how I love these three!!! : )

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