Saturday, December 3, 2011

Finding Our Tree

Growing up, we always had a real tree.  Since Brad and I have been together, we've always had a fake tree.  We usually end up traveling close to the holidays so it never made sense to get a real tree.  Also, being the environmentalist that I am, I saw chopping down real trees as a waste.
This year we are staying home throughout the whole holiday season so I wanted a real tree but was conflicted with my moral stance on the idea.  I then realized that these trees were grown for this purpose and this purpose alone.  And, as these trees mature they are creating lots of oxygen that is used by us.  If people quit buying real trees, tree farmers plate fewer trees and therefore less oxygen is created for our use.  So, with that being said, I was able to justify our purchase of a real tree and we set out to find one.  I wish we could have gone to a tree farm and chopped one down ourselves, like I did when I was younger, but that was not an option for us this year. 
Instead, we walked the rows of already chopped down trees in a blocked off parking lot and found our perfect tree!!!  The kids were so excited!!!
There were ready to take our tree home and decorate it!!!  They also knew that after we decorated the tree that we were going to go see Santa so they were ready to get the show on the road!!!  To help us get home quicker....
they offered to help daddy carry the tree!!!! : )
After nap time, we got everyone dressed in the Christmas outfits, got out the decorations, and got ready to decorate our Christmas tree!!!  Let the holiday season begin!!

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