Saturday, December 3, 2011

First Haircut

Today we took Owen to get a hair cut to get ready for the holidays and a picture with Santa.  We hadn't planned on getting Addyson's hair cut... I didn't think there was much to cut!  But, after talking with the lady cutting Owen's hair, she told me how she could trim her hair up, give her a bob, and how that would have to stimulate her hair growth.
So, we thought we'd try it!  Thankfully we had the camera in the car so I could capture this special event!  She is almost 32 months old at her first hair cut!
She was so excited to sit in the car and eat her animal crackers!!  It was finally her turn after watching Owen get several hair cuts over the years!  And finally I listened to her!!!  She has been telling me for weeks that, "I need a hair cut.  My hair is long."  To which I reply, "You have NO hair to cut!!!"  I know the few long pieces that would dangle in her face would tickle her nose and bother her and that is what she wanted cut!
After she was all set up with her cape and crackers, the hair cut began.... with the spraying of the water....
to which, she was NOT a fan!!!
After her hair was wet, she sat SO good for the lady!!  I was so proud of her.  If you know her, sitting still can be a bit of a challenge!!! : )
She even did good looking down at her toes so she could get the back of her hair trimmed!
While sister was getting her hair cut, Ethan noticed the tv that was playing a movie for the kids to watch! That kept him entertained for a little bit!
After her hair was cut, it was time to blow dry it so the lady could look for any pieces she had missed.... again, Addyson was NOT a fan!
How do you turn her into a fan???  Bride her with a sucker!!!  Then she'll sit still!!! : )
All trimmed up and looking SUPER cute!!!  I wish I would have gotten a picture of the back of her hair!!!  It is in a layered bob and looks SO cute!!!  I'm so glad we got her hair cut!!!  Now, it will be super cute for Christmas pictures AND Aric and Emily's wedding!!!!

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