Sunday, December 11, 2011

Flower Girl Dress

Addyson is going to be the flower girl in Aric and Emily's wedding so I went on the hunt to find an ivory flower girl dress for her that wasn't too expensive.  Emily found the one she liked but it was $100 so, without me asking, she searched for a cheaper one and found one for $50.  In the meantime, I asked in the MOMS Club if anyone had an ivory dress and sure enough someone did!!!  The exact one Emily wanted and it was new with tags and she was selling it for $25!!!!  I was so excited!  I took Addyson to the lady's house to try it on and, without thinking, my friend tried to slip this huge, puffy dress over Addyson's head.  She lost it!!!!  Screaming and crying!!!  We left and I took the dress with hoping I'd get it on her at home.  We tried several times, bribing her with everything in the world, with NO luck.  She would say, "I no wear that dress!"  UGH!!!!!  We were ALL getting nervous.
My mom came over tonight to help me try again.  I put on my bride's maid dress hoping that would inspire Addyson to do the same.... NOPE!  She was already crying just seeing the dress in her room.  I knew I had no options left but to just force her to do it.  I held her in my arms with her facing me and I told mom to just slip it up over her legs, pull it up, and zip it up.  Not pretty but, it was ON!!!  I wish I had a video of the production she put on screaming, snot flying, jumping up and down (notice how she is just one big blur in the picture).  I was just praying that she would calm down.
Mom held her and finally got her to eat some M&Ms and she calmed down.  Enough to take a picture and show off her pretty dress!!! WHEW!!!!  We kept giving her M&Ms to keep the dress on and it worked for almost an hour!!!
She even started having fun it in since she realized she could spin around like a pretty princess!!!  Her spin though is more of a jump.... I wasn't sure why she was jumping until I put 2 and 2 together.  At gymnastics Ms. Jennifer asks them to jump in a circle on the trampoline like a princess.... that's why she jumps!  Yay for a pretty princess wearing her flower girl dress!!!!
Funny story- Owen was in charge of the M&M bag and I told him he could have 2 M&Ms.  He was very obedient and gave himself two and two to Addyson.  Nammie asked for some more for Addyson, to keep her happy in her dress, and Owen told her, "My mommy said we could only have 2."  To which my mom responded, "Nammie says you can have more."  Owen said, "No, my mommy said only 2!"  I was SO proud of him when I heard him tell Nammie that... respecting my wishes even when someone else told hm he could have more of a yummy treat!!!  I had to tell him it was ok to have more and he was very happy to hear that!!!  I also told him thank you for listening to mommy!!!  What a sweet little man!

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