Saturday, December 10, 2011

Gingerbread House

I love making a gingerbread house with the kids every year!!  This year, St. Nick brought each Owen and Addyson their own house to make!  Owen wanted to make his right then and there!!!
We couldn't make the gingerbread house that morning because we were on our way to church.  Well, he wanted to make it after church.  Couldn't do that either because we were on the way out the door for our road trip.  Then he wanted to do it the minute we walked in the door.  No way, I was TOO tired.  Finally, after putting him off as long as I could... I told him that today after nap we would make the gingerbread houses and I had to promise!!!
I heard him telling daddy, after he woke up from nap, that he was getting ready to make his gingerbread house as soon as mommy got up from nap because that is what she said!!  Man, I have a lot of power in this house!!! : )
Brad helped Owen put his house together and I helped Addyson....and I'd like to pat myself on the back... I think Addyson's held up better. : )  But, I have to admit that we both ran into some trouble.  We "glued" the houses together but they would fall apart while we decorated them.  Is there a magic trick to getting the houses not to fall apart?  Glue them together the night before?  Decorate the pieces first?  I'd be anxious to hear if anyone has any tips.
After getting the houses all put together, I like to sit back and watch how each child decorates their house.  I try not to give too much guidance... I like to see how their decorating style changes from year to year.  Addyson likes to use every single piece of candy on her plate.
Owen, on the other hand, is very particular, and each piece has its spot and he isn't worried about leftover pieces of candy on his plate... if they don't belong, they don't belong.  And then, Addyson comes over and takes his leftover pieces!!!; )
Ethan was napping during the beginning of this activity.  It was nice to be able to have some one on one time with the kids and do an activity with them while little man slept.  Then, I was happy that he woke up in time to get in on the fun... and in the pictures!!!
Addyson was happy to show Ethan how it is done!!!  Wonder if she'll let him help her next year....
 Here is Owen's finished product!!!!  Yay, we FINALLY got to decorate our gingerbread houses!!!
 Here is one side...
 And the other side.  I love how he is admiring his work!  Probably telling himself, "Job well done!"
While Owen sat with this finished product, Addyson still had more candy (Owen's leftovers) to put on her house.  While she was attempting to do that, her house started to crumble.  No worries, Uncle Kellen to the rescue!!!!  I was glad he was spending the weekend with us and could participate in this activity.... not sure if he felt the same way!!!  He was in the middle of a computer game and I drug him away from it to come get in the Christmas spirit with us!!!  At the time he was frustrated with me but, I think he was glad to be a part of it once we got going!!!  There is no Bah humbugging at my house!
 And here is Addyson's final masterpiece!!!
 And here she is hamming it up for us!!!
She too, loved admiring her work!!!  Job well done, Sister!!!
 Notice anything different about her house a couple of days later???  Missing a few pieces???  I would notice her eating something every now and then and when I asked her what she was eating she would proudly say, "Candy!"  Little stinker was eating the candy off of her gingerbread house!  I had to talk her out of it before she ate it all gone and there was nothing left.  I think I was able to do that the time she got a piece of gum and I told her that was not good for her... and neither were some of the hard candies on there!  Thankfully she moved on to trying to eat candy out of our candy drawer!  At least that candy is wrapped up and not covered in dust.... (not that my house is dusty!! ; ) )

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