Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Good Morning

This morning was a good morning!!!  Actually, it was a GREAT morning!!! So great that I'm going to write a blog about it!!!!
There was no yelling, no tears, no disagreements, no hitting, nothing negative!!!  Only smiles, listening ears, helpful kids, and a happy momma!!!  We had tickets to go see "Brown Bear" as well as "Hungry Caterpillar" and "Poppa, Get the Moon" at the Walton Arts Center at 9:30.  Mornings are usually hectic but, not this morning!!!  I got up had my coffee, made egg tacos, got everyone dressed (actually, they got themselves dressed!!!), shoes on, out the door, AND we made it to the show early!!!  I didn't raise my voice once!!!  As we rode in the car on the way to the show I thanked the kids for being such good listeners and I told them how happy momma was!!! Not only was I happy but, they were happy too!!!
We had a great time at the show seeing some of our favorite books in action!!!  Hungry caterpillar was first and the kids really got into it.  Next, was brown bear and a HUGE bear puppet came on stage and was walking around.  I noticed that Addyson was walking back and forth and it happened to be in the opposite direction as the bear.  Then she told me, "I no like the bear."  I realized she thought it was real and she was trying to stay as far away from it as she could.  She climbed in my lap, with Ethan, and I told her it was all pretend and before she knew it the bear was gone and out came the red bird and life was better!
Back to our happy morning!!!  We followed the show with our usual tradition with our friends Eylem, Can, and Pelinsue that go to the show too, we went to Chick Fil A for lunch and then home for a good nap!!!!  What a great morning!!!

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