Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Library Craft

We are so lucky to have a great library in our town that hosts great activities for the kids!  I use to take Owen to Baby Bookworms every week and took Addyson for a while until life got busy with toddler activities.  Now, we just go every now and then and when we go the kids love it and I leave asking myself why we don't go to the library more often.
I think what happens is we get carried away with outside activities when the weather is so nice that I forget about the library.  Now that the weather is getting cooler, this will be a great indoor activity for the kids!!!  The library hosts a Toddler Time, after Baby Bookworms, where one of the librarians reads 2 or 3 books to the kids with a song or activity in between books and then they have a craft for the kids to do at the end.
Today's craft was making a Christmas tree out of a popsicle stick and green pipe cleaners  and then they had gems for the kids to glue on their tree.  Owen was very serious about doing all of it all by himself!!!  I help Addyson put the pipe cleaners on and then she wanted to glue all by herself!!!  The nice thing about doing crafts like this at the library is that I don't have to worry about the clean up afterward!
Addyson made her first one so quickly that she wanted to make another one while she was waiting for Owen to finish up!!!  She was very proud of her masterpieces!
And Owen was very proud of his tree!!!  He wanted to make another one since Addyson got to and I had to tell him no because we were the last people there and I knew the librarian was ready to leave.  Thankfully I was able to distract him by telling him he could go play on the computers... another great activity at the library!!!  I think we'll be going to the library once or twice a week this winter!!!  Makes for a great morning!

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