Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Tonight our friends Georgia and Josh met us in town to go see the lights on the Square!!!  I can't believe we haven't been back to see the lights since the parade several weeks ago!  Where has the month of December gone???  When Georgia called to say there were coming in town for that reason I knew we HAD to go!!!  I wanted to hang out with her AND I needed a reason/excuse/motivation to get my kids up to see the lights!!!  They met us at Loafin' Joes for dinner after gymnastics and then we headed out to see the lights.  It was a nice, crisp night and we had so much fun!
Everyone except for Ethan and I, paid to go see the reindeer.  Addyson heard there was going to be a reindeer there so she even brought along her reindeer food she made at school to feed him.... too bad hers isn't good for this reindeer to eat since it has sparkles in it!!!  I'm glad she didn't ask to feed it once she saw it... I think it was a bit overwhelming for her.  I had given Brad the camera to take pictures and this was the best one he got.  I guess he was a bit busy holding Addyson!  Just past the reindeer was Santa and that was probably a bit distracting as well.  She wanted to make sure she was going NO WHERE NEAR him!!!! : )

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