Friday, December 16, 2011

Looking for Deer

The weather is unseasonably warm for December and we are taking full advantage of it!!!  The air is a bit crisp and I heard that cold air is good to help with croup so I have been taking the kids for walks at night to help Ethan with his cough before bed and to help wear out the bigger kids before bed!
 So I tell them we need to go look for deer!!!  One night Owen wanted to ride his bike so this was our train that night!!!  Addyson loves to ride in the stroller with Ethan!
And despite what it might look like, I promise he is not scared... he loves to ride in the stroller!  I lay the seat back and he likes to look up at the sky, something about that and the fresh air is calming to him... all babies really.  I remember when Owen would be fussy as a baby I would put him in the stroller and go for a walk and all would be better!
Really, the walk is good for all of us!!!  Brad has been gone a lot this month, pretty much only home on Saturdays, and it is starting to take its toll on all of us.  Some fresh air and exercise does our bodies and minds good!!!!
This night Owen didn't want to ride his bike, he wanted to ride in the stroller.... and Addyson wanted to ride in the stroller too!  Ugh!  I talked them into taking turns and everything was great until it was Addyson's turn to walk... she wasn't having it.  Owen's legs were tired from racing me twice (my legs were tired too but no one was willing to push me : (  ) so he wanted his turn in the stroller, I couldn't blame him.  So, I had a sleeping baby in one seat, Owen in the other, and Addyson throwing a fit on the street.... what's my option to make all kids happy and get them home?
Turn into Super Mom and carry my 28 pound toddler on my shoulders while I push the two boys in the stroller!!!  Now that's how you get a work out and loose that baby belly!!! : )
 After everyone's legs were rested they wanted to race again but this time we needed a finish line.  We found a stick and a couple of rocks to hold the stick in place and that made the perfect finish line!!!
Then the race was on.... sort of.  Owen didn't wait for Addyson to get back to the start before he took off so he had a bit of a head start!
Thankfully Addyson thought this run was all about crossing the finish line and she wasn't too worried about not beating bubba!
 Little Man slept through all of the excitement!
The big kids were getting hungry and thirsty so it was time to head home for dinner.  Owen insisted we take the finish line with.  I tried to tell him we should leave it on the side of the road for next time but he was really worried that someone would take it.  I had to chuckle.... no one would take that stick and couple of rocks but, he didn't see it as that... to him it was "a great finish line" which is what he told me with this huge grin on his face!!!!  At that point how could I tell him "No"?  Of course you can bring your "great finish line" home... we'll find a perfect spot for it! : )  Now that the rut is over we didn't see any deer but that's okay, we had fun looking for them!

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