Thursday, December 22, 2011

Mommy's Night Out

A few of my friends and I were trying to figure out something we could do together before Christmas.  We were talking about going to dinner at a fancy restaurant.. you know, the one you never get to go to with kids but we couldn't agree on a place.  We finally came up with the idea to rent a limo and go look at Christmas lights!!!
We met at my house first for a drink while we planned out our route.  Everyone brought an appetizer and drink to share while driving around.  I actually made two things from scratch (with Brad's help since I had about an hour to do it before the girls showed up); meatballs in a cranberry sauce, and cheddar cheese sticks.  I was impressed with them and so were the girls.  Maybe I do have a bit of talent in the kitchen... I just need to practice/use it!!!
Mr. Larry was our driver and he was excellent!!!  I didn't realize everything he would do to help us!!!  It was great!!!  He carried everything out to the car for us.... look at the wine bottles hanging out of his pocket!!!!
He was even our photographer!!!!  I had a wonderful time with the ladies; Bryanna, Billie, Veronica, and Holly
After driving around for a bit, I have to say were did more talking (and fogging up the windows) than looking at lights but it was a blast, we stopped at the Wine Bar for a drink.  Right when you walk in the door there is a ledge so I set my camera on there to take a picture.  It was funny because the people sitting on the couch beside the ledge couldn't figure out why we were posed like this smiling and looking at the door.... they must have thought we were crazy until they saw me walk over and get my camera! : )
After the Wine Bar, we went for 2 trips around the Square and down Dickson street!!  Veronica and I stood out of the moon roof until the driver caught wind of what we were doing and told us that we were not allowed to do that... Oops!!!  We had so much fun and have decided to make this a holiday tradition!  I can't wait until next year.  This night was planned yesterday and we didn't really know what to expect.  Next year we'll know what to do differently and be better prepared with a route.  I can't wait!

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