Thursday, December 1, 2011

Riding Bikes

The weather was beautiful today and I was super thankful for that!  I wasn't sure how the kids would do with TeeTee Becky being gone, she left at 5am while they were sleeping so they said their good byes last night and woke up with no trace of her but a not and craft she left for them.  I was glad we could go play outside, that is our go to activity that always puts everyone in a good mood!
The kids were excited to be able to ride their bikes this afternoon!  Owen hasn't been wearing his helmet lately, I'm really bad about reminding him, but today, after I saw how fast he gets going, I made him put a helmet on realizing that now it is a safety issue.  He gets cruising and it wouldn't take much for his tire to go off the sidewalk and flip him!
Especially since we just discovered that his tires are really flat but that doesn't stop him for going fast!
No worries, Addyson was there to help him fix his tire!!!  She is such a helper and she LOVES to be able to help Owen get anything and everything he needs!  So, when he said he needed help with his tire, she was right there in no time flat!

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