Saturday, December 17, 2011

Ryan's Graduation

Today, my big little brother Ryan graduated from the University of Arkansas with a bachelors in Business.  Congrats Ryan!!!  And congrats to my husband and I on making it through a 2 hour graduation ceremony with 3 little kids and coming out of it someone sane!! ; )  Since this was the December graduation all of the departments and degrees were combined into one big graduation.  I was hoping the School of Business would go close to first since it starts with a B.  No such luck, they were the last school to walk and to make matters worse, Ryan's last name starts with a "Z" so he was one of the last guys to walk so there was NO sneaking out early!!!!  But it was worth it to be there to cheer him on!
To celebrate his big day we hosted his graduation party at our house.  Again, a bit crazy since Brad just got home last night and now he is sick AND Ethan got worse.  Last night I slept with Ethan on the couch sitting up with him on my chest so he could breath.  It was a bit stressful getting ready but once everyone got to the house I was SO glad we were able to pull this off for Ryan!
There was a deal piggy about a month ago that had $200 worth of catering from Marketplace for $100!!!  A deal too good to pass up so my stepdad bought that which made hosting today SO much easier since all Brad had to cook was the meat!
Here are all the kids with Grandma Robin!!!  Notice Addyson's clip in her hair!!!  I'm trying to get her use to wearing clips and hoping she'll wear one for the wedding!!!  I think it is SO cute!  Owen looks distraught because Troy and Addyson have the yummy cheese dip and he is not so  patiently waiting for Aunt Gina to bring him some.
After filling our bellies with yummy food, we followed it up with yummy cheesecake dessert!
And of course Ryan and Brad have to come up with the obligatory crazy pose.  Is this their polite way of telling me I take too many pictures?!?!
Just like with Kellen, we had to figure out what song we were going to sing to him.  We came up with "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow."  We belted out the song and were ready to dig in until Owen started to cry... I think he did that at Uncle Kellen's graduation party too.  When I asked him what we wrong he told me we sang the wrong song.... we were suppose to sing "Happy Birthday".  After all, that is the song we normally sing at a party before dessert since most parties we go to are birthday parties.
Uncle Ryan was a good sport and tolerated another round of singing and our guest were nice enough to humor Owen and sing, "Happy Graduation Day to You!" so everyone, including Owen, could enjoy their cheesecake with smiles on their faces!!! : )
All of that partying wore the kids out!!!  They were ready for bed but the adults were still having fun so I suggested a mini sleepover!!!  Thankfully we have enough pillow pets to go around and Troy brought his blanket so they were set!
What a great ending to a great day!!  Congratulations Ryan!  We are so proud of you!!!
Funny Story- I noticed Gina drinking a lot of water, she kept patting her belly, AND she was passing on any drinks that were offered to her!  I got a big smile on my face thinking I had it all figured out and I asked her, "Are you pregnant?!?!"  She looked puzzled.... paused and said, "No, I just haven't been feeling well."  We talked about how starting her new job and adjusting to life as a working momma was hard... I bought into it.  Monday, Ryan called me and told me they had just left the doctor where they had their 9 week ultrasound, "I KNEW IT!!!" I told him AND texted Gina!!!!  They wanted to have their ultrasound first before telling anyone so that's why she told me her little story.  She said she felt bad for "lying" but I totally understand.... we wait too.  I just think it is SO funny that I had it figured out.  Another round of congrats for Ryan, Gina, and Troy!!!: )

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