Wednesday, December 21, 2011

School Christmas Show

Today the kids had their Christmas program at school.  They did it a bit different this time.  Instead of having all of the kids on stage, the kids could sit with their class or with their teachers and then each class came up at different times to do different things.
See Owen's class, someone must have suggested that they wear their hats if they have one so Owen wore his Canada hat!!!  I wish I would have brought his Santa one. 
I thought Addyson would sit with her class but she saw Ethan and I posing for a picture so she jumped right in!!!  Oh, it was also Jammie day at school which is why she is in pjs!
She then decided she wanted to go back and sit by her teacher... she LOVES her teachers!  Well her friend Ella was sitting by Ms. Merrily but Addyson put up enough of a stink......
That Ms. Merrily somehow got Ella to scoot over so Addyson could sit by her.  That lasted a minute or two and then, or forever moving and shaking Addyson....
got up and went to sit with her other teacher, Ms. Amanda (Ms. Jamie, the teacher that was with us at the beginning of the year, left last month to take a full time job).  That little stinker... after all that fuss and making Ella move to just sit there for a minute.... Shesh!
Sitting with Ms. Amanda lasted about 2 minutes and then she was back with Ms. Merrily.....Oh Addyson!
The she saw Owen's class go up to sing a song... didn't take her long to go up on stage with him to say Hi!  She didn't stay though, she went back and sat with her teacher while Owen's class did a great job singing.
The kids sat with their class or parents and they sang several songs from Chapel.  It was SO cute to watch them sing and do the actions, like to the song "Father Abraham".  I was finally getting to hear full versions of songs that Owen or Addyson would sing a line or two of over and over again! : )  After that we all sang, "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" and Santa showed up!!!  He went to the stage and then Addyson's class went up on stage to say a prayer before we ate pizza.  We have no pictures of Addyson because she was getting NO WHERE NEAR that stage.  Brad tried to walk her up to the opposite side of Santa and she was not having it!  I don't think she has gotten over her Santa visit from a couple of weeks ago!
The other part of the celebration was to celebrate Jesus' birthday with a pizza party and cupcakes.  Addyson's friends Ella and Amelia joined us.
After eating 6 pieces of pizza, yes SIX, this little girl was ready to go home and take a nap!  I swear when we go in public people must think I don't feed her!!!  She eats a ton and I have no idea where she puts it! We had a great time watching all of the little kids sing their songs.  I can't believe it is time for Christmas break and the kids will be out of school for 2 weeks!!!

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