Sunday, December 4, 2011

St. Nickolas Day

This morning, as we were getting ready for church, we heard a loud knock at the door.  We all rushed to see who was there....
We opened the door and saw that St. Nick had visited us!!! We were a bit surprised since St. Nick day isn't for 2 more days (December 6th) but, he must have known that we were going to be out of town that day and he wanted to make sure we were able to celebrate!
Owen was SO excited to see the Spiderman mask he had just asked Santa for!!!!  It took Addyson a bit longer to go to the door... she said she was scared because she thought St. Nick was still there!!! 
Once she realized the coast was clear and that St. Nick was gone, he had just dropped off our goodies and left, she went to see what he had left for her.  She was digging through her stocking before she sat down, she couldn't wait!
St. Nick brings each of the kids an ornament for the year.  This year Ethan got a Statue of Liberty ornament with the day and time he was born.... Nammie was seeing the Statue of Liberty when Ethan was born!!!!
All of this celebrating makes his little guy tired!!!  Isn't he SO cute in his Santa hat?!?! : )
St. Nick brought a lot of goodies that the kids were able to pack in their travel bags and take with them on the car ride!!!  Hopefully that will help us today in during our 5 hour road trip!!!  One of the goodies was cupcake flavored goldfish.... if you haven't tried them.... DON'T... they are so YUMMY and addicting!!!!
Happy St. Nickolas Day everyone!!!

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