Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Sweet Ethan

 Here are some iPhone moments with my sweet Ethan
Ethan loves to nuzzle my cheek!!!  If I am holding him, are cheeks are probably touching.  I love the feeling of his soft, squishy cheek against mine!  I can smell his sweet baby smell and he is right in reach for quick kisses!!!  I never realized how much we do it until people have started commenting on how cute it is!  I went for coffee with my friend Amy and Ethan nuzzled up to me and she said, "OH, HOW cute!  I've got to get a picture!" so she took this one with my iPhone!
Another favorite thing of mine is watching him sleep!  I love when he falls asleep in my arms and I can watch him... catch him smiling, watch him suckle, and just stare at his perfection.... in complete awe that his is mine!
Every now and then he is tired enough to fall asleep on my shoulder.  Love this sweet, sleeping baby!
 He is a talker!!!
We are all in love with our sweet Ethan!!!

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