Sunday, December 11, 2011

"Take a Picture"

Addyson has gotten to where she tells me, "No pictures!" when I get my camera out.  She will be doing something really cute so I get my camera and then she runs away, looks away, or somehow sabotages my cute shot.
But, there is one thing she does where she always asks me to take a picture... when she holds or sits next to Ethan.  No matter what she is doing, looking off and watching tv.....
or covering him up with his blanket and making sure he is warm.....
or holding him....
or not really holding him (more like relaxing with him)
or kissing him
she'll say, "take a picture, Mommy"
And when I take a picture, she tells me to take another one.  She'll ask me to take 100 pictures as long as she is beside Ethan!!!!

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