Friday, December 23, 2011

The Unwrapping Begins

Tonight starts the beginning of opening gifts for our family.  Can you tell the kids are a bit excited?!?!
We exchanged gifts with Ashley after Brad and I got home from running errands.  Ashley had her gifts lined up at the door and the kids must have been bugging her nonstop all night!  I think Owen even commented that we "had been gone a long time!"... waiting is SO hard!  As soon as I walked in the door Addyson took me over to the gift pile and told me whose was whose... she had the memorized!  When I said it was time to open them, Addyson grabbed a handful and helped Ashley carry them over to the tree!
Ashley got Addyson jewelry, a princess crown, a jewelry box, and a Razorback shirt!
Ashley must have talked to Santa because she got Owen 4 sets of legos, a Spiderman shirt, and a Cars shirt.  She also got Ethan a cute puppy dog outfit!
Then Addyson was a big helper and helped Ashley open her gifts!!!  Addyson cannot enjoy her gifts until every present is opened!!!  I asked the kids what they wanted to get Ashley and Owen first told me Legos because Ashely likes to play with Legos like he does!  He then told me she wanted a trampoline.  He said, "I want to get her a trampoline.  No wait, she doesn't have kids....Mommy, does Ashley have kids?  No, she doesn't have kids so she doesn't want a trampoline."  He then said he wanted to get a bone for her puppy Ace so that is what we went with before his little mind wondered away with gift ideas!!!  We also got her pjs from Victoria Secret, gift card to the movies, Razorback ring, stocking full of goodies for Ace, and a box full of goodies from Lush!
Once all the gifts were opened Addyson sat down to play with her jewelry and her Hello Kitty jewelry box that comes with a mirror that you can either put in the box or you can hold it.  Doesn't she look so sweet admiring herself and her new jewelry?!?!
And Owen quickly went to work building a boat with daddy!!!  Thanks Ashley!!!  You are SO kind!
Funny Story- a couple of days ago Owen started saying that he wanted legos for Christmas and I was ALL done shopping so I told them that he had already seen Santa and he hadn't asked for legos.... I wasn't sure what to do.  Yesterday he woke up and told Brad that he wanted to go see Santa again so he could tell him that he wanted legos... funny guy!  We tried to explain to him that even if you ask Santa you don't always get what you ask for.  Brad said this would be a good lesson for him to learn but I just couldn't let it go.  He was talking about the constantly.  I posted a comment about this on Facebook and Ashley messaged me to let me know she had gotten Owen legos... Whew!!!!  When Owen opened the gifts he was SO impressed that Ashley had heard from Santa that he wanted legos!!!  It was really cute to see the look on his face!

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