Saturday, December 3, 2011

Visiting Santa

Tonight we went to visit Santa.  I wasn't sure how this visit was going to go but, I knew Owen was excited and he had been talking about how he was going to be "brave".  I was anxious to see if he was going to be able to hold it together!
Thankfully the line to see Santa wasn't too long!  I didn't want the kids standing in line waiting and letting their anxiety build so Brad walked around with them and they went to pick out cookies to have as a reward after seeing Santa!  When we were next in line, Brad brought the kids back and had a mini talk with them about what to say to Santa.  Owen listened carefully and you could tell he was mustering up the courage to be brave.  Addyson, on the other hand, was telling us, "I no go see Santa."
The family in front of us were done so we went in to see Santa.  I didn't realize we had to wait for that family to pick out their picture.... had I known that I would have waited a bit longer before going to see Santa.  Owen ended up sitting next to Santa for about 5 minutes before they were ready to take our picture.  I was SO proud of him!!!
He sat there so calmly and even timidly answered Santa's questions and told Santa what he and Addyson wanted.  Owen wants a Spiderman mask and Addyson wants princess stuff... I think he also told Santa that daddy wants a kite.  Santa also told Owen that he likes chocolate chip cookies so afterward Owen told me that we had to save one of their recently purchased cookies for Santa!!  Right before Brad brought Addyson in to sit on Santa's lap I gave Santa's helpers the run down!  I told them she didn't want to do it but to just snap away and get a picture.  I put Ethan on Santa's lap and then Brad gave Santa Addyson and this is what we got......
Merry Christmas everyone!!!  This keeper of a shot made it on our Christmas cards this year!!!  Think she is going to hate me for this one day????
All of that work made us all tired and hungry!!!  We went to the food court to eat dinner and poor Ethan was beyond tired!!!  Little man almost always screams right before he....
passes out!!!  This is literally just minutes after the above photo!!!  Daddy jiggles his leg, he calls it his magic jiggle, and the babies fall right to sleep!
Since we were at the mall for a special occasion and because I wanted to get back on Addyson's good side, we let the kids ride one of the rides at the mall before heading home!!!  They were thrilled!!!

Get this, in all of the commotion of walking the busy mall with 3 kids we lost the photo with Santa!!!  UGH!!!!  I bought the package with a 5x7 photo AND a code for a digital version we could download...thank goodness!!!  Only problem is, the code to get that download was printed on the photo!!!  Double UGH!!!  My mom was at the mall so I called her and she want to every store retracing our steps with no luck, Brad went the next day with no luck, and finally after several phone calls and emails a digital copy of our photo was found and they emailed me a new code!!!  I knew there was NO way we were going to get Addyson to come close to Santa again this year and I was afraid this moment was lost!!!  Not anymore.... it was just mailed out to 60 of our friends and family for a moment to be created that we will all be talking about for years to come!!!: )

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