Saturday, December 24, 2011

Who's Ready???

This morning I dressed the kids in the Christmas shirts.... again!  Probably the third time this week and Yes, I have been washing them every night.  I just ordered the two older kids' shirts from my cousin and got them last week and I want to make sure to get my money's worth so I am having them wear them days in a row... I know, I'm crazy! : )
As Addyson and I were entertaining Ethan I thought I would get a couple of pictures of them and their cuteness.  I then asked, "Who is ready for Santa to come?" and Addyson shot her hand in the air and yelled, "I am!!!" and Ethan's expression looks as if he knew what I was asking and he is ready too!!!
While Ethan was smiley and Addyson was in a picture mood, I called Owen in to come pose too!!!
Owen's shirt says, "Dear Santa, It was my little sister's fault.  Truly, Owen" and Addyson's shirt says, "Dear Santa, My Big Brother did it! Love, Addyson"  I just love them!!  Ethan's shirt says, "Baby 1st Christmas" and we got it in a holiday onesie pack as a baby shower gift from Rosemary.
Guess what I just asked them...."Who's ready for Santa?!?!"
Brewster kids are ready!!! (Although this time Ethan looks a bit scared!! ; ) )

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