Sunday, July 31, 2011


Do you know what I've realized about kids?  They literally do a new skill over night!  I mean, there is rarely an in-between stage, it is more of an all or nothing deal.  I noticed some of our friends close to Owen's age were really into drawing and Owen wasn't so much.  He was still scribbling and drawing "things" that I couldn't recognize but he would tell me what it was.  Then... all of a sudden....
he drew a flower and I knew it was a flower!!!!  I'm not sure who was more proud of his flower; him or I!
 He is also into drawing people.  Looks a lot like the characters in his favorite movie... can you guess what it is?  He calls it the "Long Nose Guy" movie since the main guy has a long nose! : )
"Despicable Me"
 Besides drawing things, he is really into writing.  He really concentrates on "writing" letters.  He is great at making "O"s and is mastering "S"s and then he'll make other letters or numbers or squiggles and ask what they are.  I love to watch him and how into it he is.
And to think, just a couple of weeks ago I was starting to worry that he wasn't into writing, especially when I see others his age that are into it.  I have to just remind myself that each kid masters skills at different times when that child is ready.  I've come to realize that Owen is a boarder line perfectionist, if he doesn't think he will be able to do something well he just doesn't want to try it.  Once he thinks he can do it, he'll give it a go and he is usually good at it.
So now color time at our house has taken on a whole new level of writing, drawing, and coloring in the lines!!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Dancing Movers

We are so lucky to have the Walton Arts Center in town, just down the street from us!  They are always having great shows and concerts!  During the year the kids and I take advantage of the fun shows with morning showing put on just for kids and through the MOMS Club we get $5 tickets!!!  They have had fun kid shows come on weekends but due to Brad's crazy travel schedule I usually don't buy tickets because I don't want him to miss out.  We knew in advance he was going to be home "for sure" this weekend so when I heard that the Imagination Movers were going to be putting on a "concert" I just had to get us tickets!
I made the small mistake of telling the kids about it a week or so in advance so Owen would always ask when we were going to see the "Dancing Movers" (that's what he calls them).  If we would drive by the WAC, and see the BIG poster out front with the Movers picture on it he would ask if we were going or talk about how we were going to go see them there soon.
FINALLY the day came and we got all dressed up and excitedly rushed out the door!!!  We might have gotten there a tad too early, the waiting in our seats about "killed" him!!!  "Mom, how come they are not starting yet?"  I heard several times!!!
When I told him we had one more minute left he was super excited!!!  Yay for the Dancing Movers!
And Yay for daddy being home to be able to go with us!!!
When I ordered the tickets I wasn't sure what to expect.  I wasn't sure if they were going to put on a play like their tv show or what.  Turns out, they put on a fun concert that has the kids up and dancing !!!!  It was SO fun!
And when a  break was needed from all that dancing there was a lap close by to rest on!!!
The Movers did a great job of interacting with the audience!!!  They would go up and down the aisles singing!  One of the Movers, Dave, came right by us and gave Owen "five"!!!  It was super exciting for him!!
What a great show!!!  We left with two very happy and very tired kids who went to sleep talking about the great show and dancing with the Dancing Movers!!!!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Snow Cones

Summer is the perfect time for snow cones, right???  Well, for some reason, snow cones have skipped my radar this year.  No worries, we are enjoying out refreshing treats.... like ice cream... so we are not missing out completely.  But, as we swam tonight, I thought it was finally time to go for our first snow cone of the season!
Turns out there is no snow cone place along the path from my mom's house to ours... we figured this out after driving most of the way home and then turning around to go to a place near Fiesta Square.  On the way there Owen said, in a really pathetic voice, "Mom, I'm hungry for snow cones." as if he was starving to death and the one thing that would save him was a snow cone! : )  Kids are SO funny!!!
Addyson was super excited about our icy snack, can you tell by how she is digging in?!?!  Owen, on the other hand, was a bit overwhelmed by it all.  The messy, sticky treat and the bees flying all around were a bit too much for him!  Look at him looking at Addyson diving in as if he were thinking, "HOW can you do that??"
In response to that look she thinks back, "If you are not going to eat that I WILL!!  Here, let me try that!!!"  Owen quickly said he was all done and ready to go... he was NOT a fan of the bees.  This was quickly turning into a disaster of a trip and not the ideal snow cone experience I was hoping for.
After searching for a bee free spot we decided eating out of the back of the van was the best spot to eat our yummy snow cones!!!  That worked for about 2 minutes until the bees found us... ugh!
Owen and Brad went in search of a grassy spot even further away and Addyson and I stayed back to finish eating our treat.
And after eating your yummy snow cone it is important to inspect your tongue and see how it has changed colors!!!
Here is Addyson showing off her orange tongue after snacking on just her snow cone.....
.....And here she is with black lips after eating out of everyone else's bowl!!!
Owen took one look at her and took off running.... he didn't want to be close to that messy, sticky face!!!  No worries, she was right behind him laughing as hard as she could as he screamed and ran!!!  Guess that's a good way to burn off the sugar before bedtime!!!!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Breakfast with Addyson

Breakfast time with Addyson can be a bit of a challenge... so can any other meal for that matter!!!  She insists on standing up which allows her easy access to your bowl and everyone else's bowl at the table!  If you are not careful she'll eat right off your plate, put her unwanted leftovers on your plate, or....
dump you bowl or plate!
I had a FULL bowl of oatmeal before I had to run and check on Owen..... when I came back and SHE had the full bowl of oatmeal!!!!!  At least she left me a tiny bit to munch on and didn't take it all!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Library Time

 One activity we did every week when Owen was little was Baby Bookworms.  We went to the library at least once a week for story time and to see friends.  Then Addyson was born and we went a couple of times a month.  Then I started school and we went once a year and it sort of fell off my radar as an activity.  Not really sure why, it is a perfect morning for the kids and a nice morning for me because the kids are entertained and I usually run into a friend or two and get to catch up!
This morning Eylem and Can were going to the library because there was a musician playing during the regular story time.  I'm so glad they told us about it!  The musician was great!!  A sweet, young lady that was voted one of the top upcoming musicians in NW Arkansas and she wrote songs about the environment.  The kids had fun dancing and singing!!!
After story time was over there was a mad dash for the computers!!!  A favorite for my kids and I think every other kid there!  We were a bit late getting to the computers so we had to wait patiently for our turn.  Luckily there are TONS of books and puzzles to keep them occupied while they wait! 
And finally they got their chance to play games!!!!  I love watching them with the big head phones on and "working" on the computers like they are adults.... Owen was "working like daddy works".  And you know what, we all stayed cool in this summer heat!!!!  I need to do this more often!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

How we PT

It seems like I have several friends that are currently in the throws of potting training these days just like we are!!!  Everyone asks for advice and everyone has different advice.  I thought I'd blog about what works for us in case there are any pointers that someone else might think would work good for their child.  But, I am, by NO means, an expert in potty training.  My only expertise comes from being a mom that has not potty trained two children; a boy and a girl!
I first want to say that each child is different so what works for one won't necessarily work for the other.  Also, I believe that each child will potty train WHEN they are ready and the little "tools" we use will only work when the child is open to potty training!!!!  I also noticed that, for us, potty training came in two phases.  Phase one, we introduced the potty and the child was successful in using the potty but it was temporary.  Phase two, the child was fully ready and willing and it took just a day before we were fully switched over to underwear!
And the idea that "girls are easier than boys" didn't apply to our family.  Owen was fully potty trained at 23 months and it was pretty easy.  Addyson took a bit longer, she was fully potty trained at 27 months.  For us, Addyson was a bit harder to pt because she could hold it forever and isn't regular.  Owen, on the other hand, was pretty much on a schedule and could sit down and potty "on request".... that makes a huge difference!!! 
We first start with having the potty chair out and about and asking the child to sit down to potty when one of us goes just so they know what the potty is used for.  When we get serious about training, we move the potty to a common room, usually the tv room, and have the child go naked.  With Owen, we would put on his favorite show and he would sit there and watch it and eventually go potty.  We would "catch" him in the act and could praise with a song and dance right away.  Addyson wouldn't sit long enough to relax and go but, with the potty right there, when she was ready she would go sit and potty by herself!  To get them to sit to potty we would entertain them with toys, books, stickers, phones, tv, or anything else they might like.  If they got a prize for going potty earlier, like this set of binoculars, we would have them play with that as a reminder of what good things are to come!!!
I think the trick is staying home for a weekend and letting the child go naked.  It gives you plenty of time for multiple successful potties and let's the child know what the feeling is all about!  I also think the trick is to try to catch the child as they are going so you can say, "you are going pee pee" as they are doing it so they know the feeling and the words to go with it.  They can learn what they feel leading up to the act and then what the act feels like.  Allows for more reaction time on our part instead of the "I'm going potty" being said as they are peeing their pants!  Also, to try to teach the kids to go on demand I've had a phrase that works for each kid.  For Owen, since he could see himself going potty, I would say, "Let me see you make bubbles" and that worked like a charm!!!  For Addyson, I say, "Let me hear you go." and then everyone gets quiet and listens.
As soon as they go we make a big deal about it!!!!  I didn't notice until she did it but, with Addyson, I put my hands up to my mouth and say "wow!" so she puts her hands up too!!!  It is really cute!!!
And after the song and dance is over the child gets a reward (that they got to pick out on a special shopping trip) that they get to enjoy and share with a sibling (if there is one) which helps include everyone in the house in potty training.  I often say that Owen is her biggest fan!!!  If he knows she went potty he'll come running from where ever he is to come cheer her on!!!!  I'm sure knowing he'll get a treat helps with this!!!: )  If you have any PT tips feel free to share them!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Frontyard Fishing

When your parents won't take you fishing you just take matters into your own hands
and practice your cast in the front yard!!!  For this clan, it is almost just as good as fishing!!!
Brad put a box in the yard as a "target" for the kids to practice casting to!  It was a hit and a perfect activity for this hot evening!!!  Owen constantly asks to go fishing but I try to tell him that the fish are too hot to even bit the hook and it is probably too hot for him to even enjoy himself.  As long as I let him use his fishing pole in the front yard he is usually okay with postponing fishing for a cooler day!

31 Weeks

Today I am 31 weeks!!!!
Ok, really I am 35 weeks when I am writing it.... that's how far behind I am these days and am hoping to catch up before baby gets here!!!  Stay tuned!!!
I'm 31 weeks and we are FINALLY putting together a birth team/birth plan for this precious baby we have on the way!!!!  Not knowing where baby was going to be born really made it hard to try to envision our perfect birth so we never really talked about it.  People would ask me if I'm excited about baby and it would catch me off guard.  It is not that we are not excited, it is just that we haven't had much time to sit down and get excited!  Now that we know we will be in Fayetteville when baby is born we can start to interview people we want to be there to help us when baby is born and we can figure out where we want baby to be born.  AND we can get excited!!!!  I met with Dr. Johnson this past week, he was the doctor that helped deliver Addyson, and he was super excited for us and said having a VBAC at Mercy Hospital would be NO PROBLEM!!!!  A completely different atmosphere this time around.... no fighting for our rights like we did with Addyson!  We are also interview doulas/ midwives to help us labor (possibly even birth) at home.  Now that we have done a bit of background research, Brad and I headed out to Ruth Chris' Steak House tonight for dinner and to talk about the upcoming birth of baby B #3!!!!

While we didn't finalize anything tonight, it was fun to start to think about baby and get a plan in action!!!  I can't believe baby will be here in 9 (or 5) short weeks!!!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Build A Bear

I have been wanting to take the kids to Build A Bear for a long time but I was waiting for them both to be old enough to enjoy it and waiting for a special time to do it.  Today, as we walked around the mall waiting for Brad to get out of his important meeting, I thought, would be the perfect day!
I knew Owen was old enough to enjoy all of it and Addyson was big enough to get excited with Owen about what was going on.  The only downside was we had been at the mall for a couple of hours walking around and it was close to lunch/nap time so Addyson was a bit tired.  However, Owen had a blast and Addyson did get into it.... once we finally picked out our bears!
Owen got a panda like from "Kung Fu Panda" and Addyson got a panda because Owen got one!  We tried to talk her into a kitty since she loves "meows" but she wanted what Owen had.  So, we started our journey to stuffing our bear!!!  They picked our hearts and gave them big kisses.
Then filled their bears with the perfect amount of fluffiness!
And gave their bears a bath!
Addyson was a bit behind Owen because her bear had an ouchie, I would have just gotten her a new one had I known but the lady that worked there insisted on sewing it up..... hope the stitching holds up!  Finally, her bear was stuffed and she was ready to go catch up with Owen and give her bear a bath.
Owen tried to show her how to do it but she wanted NO help!!!  She is a big momma and can do it all by herself!!!  I had so much fun watching them and enjoying the big smiles on their faces!!!!  After bath we headed off to name them.  Owen's bear is Boss Hog and Addyson's bear is Sue E.  Our bears left naked, no clothes, because all they had was OU gear.  We decided to take another trip to Build A Bear back in Arkansas to get football and cheer leading outfits for our newest family members.
That is one happy little boy... who has one a tired little sister that wanted to be held instead of posing with her new bear beside Owen!  After we left Build A Bear we ate lunch, which the bears joined us in the restaurant, and then headed home where the kids cuddled up with their bears and napped most of the way home!!!!  What a fun day!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Shopping with Daddy

We are in Oklahoma City for Brad's work.  Do you know what that means besides eating at fun places, swimming in the pool, and walking along the BrickTown river???
It means shopping at Bass Pro shop with your daddy!!!!
This trip to the Bass Pro show was extra fun for the kids!!! Normally when we go we just look around.  Today, Brad had a shopping list to fill!  Now that Owen is fishing with Brad they are losing twice the hooks, bobbers, and lures.  Brad said it was time to stock back up!  I'm not sure who was more excited, Brad or Owen.
That morning we talked about going shopping with daddy and I'm not sure I should have told him so soon.  It made for a really long day with a super excited little boy but seeing him shop through the store made it SO worth it!!!  We did have to keep our eye on Addyson because she was adding things to our basket that really weren't need but no worries, Owen kept a close eye on her!! : )

On a side note- we took Addyson shopping in her new panties and she had a small accident as we were looking at the boats... oops!!  I was JUST about to ask her if she had to go when she said "potty" and then..... the flow started.  Since she had just gone before we left the hotel AND since she can hold if for HOURS I thought we were in the clear.  I just she got use to going more often.  We did go to dinner after and she was dry the rest of the trip and went in the potty when we got back to the hotel!