Wednesday, August 31, 2011

End of Summer

Can you believe it is the end of summer already???  Where did the time go!  The heat is breaking, every now and then, and kids are back in school (some, not mine).  We met our friends at the pool for our last swimming trip of the summer.... sounds kind of sad!  I am so thankful for the time that we did have and watching the kids grow in their friendships and swimming abilities but I'm sad that this time has come to an end.  As much as I'm ready for a more set schedule and some down time for me, I'm sad that our carefree days by the pool are done.
The kids enjoyed their last day and came up with a new way to relax in the pool!  Why oh why did we not think of this sooner!!!  This would have been the perfect way for the mommas to relax while soaking and watching the little ones.  At least we know for next year!
Thanks to our wonderful friends for a great summer!!!!  Here's to a great start of a new school year!!!


So after dinner at JJ's Ashley went with us on our next big adventure..... we went to look at a cat off of Craigslist.  I know, I know.... I'm crazy!  We were looking for something to help take the pressure off of Skip.  Addyson does NOT leave that poor dog along.  I feel like all he does is bark and growl and all I do is yell at the two of them.  We were looking for something playful and easy to take care of and we found....
Sooie.  Well really, her name is Sushi but close enough to Sooie that I was okay to change it.  We went to meet her at her house and she was really stand offish.  I am told she is playful and was really tolerant of Addyson being in her face so we have her on a trial run.  I knew we were never going to get to know her in the five minutes at the previous owner's house so we are taking her home.
On the way home we stopped by PetSmart to pick up a few things.... we have NOTHING for cats!  Sooie was great in the car and was tolerant of the whole adventure.  I hope this is a positive sign!!!!
Fast forward a day (or two), having Sooie has been an experience.  She hides and gets up at 3am and meows.  Great!  Like I really need a wake up call at 3am!  The first night I left Owen's door open, as usual, and she went in his room and was meowing and woke him up.  I just hear, "Mommy!  Mommy!  Mommy!  I have to tell you something!!!!  Sooie was in my room meowing and woke me up!"  Great, now we are all awake!  Now we shut his door at night and that has helped.... although she still gets up and meows in my room.
She spends most of her time hiding under our bed.... can't say I blame her!  When we do get her out (and close our door) Addyson is ALL over her!  She is very tolerant but is very quick to run to our room when the opportunity arises!  She is not as playful as I had hoped but I'm hoping it will just take some time.  Any cat people out there???  How long will this take???  I'm so use to dogs so I'm not sure how to handle and persnickety cat!

What a Day

How do you survive day #20 something of daddy being gone???  You have almost every moment of the day scheduled!  Ok, first thing in the morning is not so scheduled since I'm not a morning person.  Usually Owen will get up and watch his show and eat his cereal by himself and let me rest, watch my show, or blog until I feel like I can tackle our day.  Then he wants to know, "Where are we going?"  He is now use to being on the go too!
So we head to the pool.  Today was a bit cloudy, a very welcomed break from the heat, so we didn't swim as long but enough to burn off some steam.  Then the kids got out and snuggled up in their towels to get warm!!!
Next, we eat lunch with friends at the Springdale Country Club where the mommas can talk and the kids can be entertained watching the golfers!!!  The kids RUN and RUN and RUN and burn off ALL of their energy so when I bring them home I can put them straight down for a nap.... and these days the kids are napping 2-3 hours!  There have been many days where I've had to open Addyson's door because it is getting close to 5.
After nap I have something else scheduled.  Either Ashley comes to play with the kids or we have an afternoon playdate!  Tonight, I knew we had a dinner date with sweet friends so I had Ashley come over and play with the kids in the afternoon.  She is great!  She does all those things that I just don't have the patience for; like messy things and really active things.  They paint on the sidewalk, play sports, and ride bikes.  When we were getting ready to go eat Owen wanted Ashely to come with us so we invited her!  It was great!  She helped with Addyson at dinner and I could focus on helping Owen and talking with Catherine.  I think otherwise, I would have not been able to catch up with Catherine as much as I did!  After dinner, Ashley helped me on another crazy adventure.... more to come about that!  But see, our days are jammed packed and that is probably the only thing that is keeping us all sane while Brad is gone!

Monday, August 29, 2011

New Play Date

We were suppose to go swimming for one last time today but our little friend Can lost the key to the pool so we had to come up with a last minute plan.  We weren't sure if we wanted to load up the kids and head someplace else or make it low key.  I invited everyone over to play with bikes in the front yard as a last minute deal.... keeps me from having to load everyone up! ; )  It turned out to be a great morning and starts our new form of play dates since the pools will soon be closed!
The boys spent at least 30 minutes or more hunting for grasshoppers!!!  Luckily we have 3 nets so each boy can have one and with a cup in hand they set out to see what they can catch!  With cups full they bring them back to show everyone what they've found!
While we have multiples of many things, we only have one wagon.... that didn't stop them from ALL trying to fit in for a ride!
And finally, an impromptu lunch!  They are so use to snacking by the pool AND our play date was going so well that before we knew it, it was lunch time..... we were trying to figure out all of the meltdowns all of a sudden and then I looked at the time!!!!  I quickly whipped up grilled cheese and mac n' cheese for everyone! Nothing fancy but it all went down quick!  Then, everyone was ready to leave on a good note with smiles and full bellies!!!
But before leaving the girls found my garage sale stickers!  It took a lot of them to get them up to the right sale price!!!  These two are so funny!!!  They play SO good together when they play and then they can fight like cats and dogs if one sets the other off!!!  Thankfully there are more smiles than tears!!!  What a beautiful morning outside with our friends!!!!

Matters in His Own Hands

So I'm a bit lazy these days.... can you blame me???  I try to have our days busy but mornings... I"m lazy.  If the kids ask for things I tell them, "In a minute." or "Next time I get up." and then I'm in no rush to get up..... especially when what they want is batteries to fix a noisy toy!
I think Owen is getting tired of waiting around AND he now knows how big he is and can do things by himself.  So, when he asked for batteries and I told him, "In a minute" he said, "Fine, I know where daddy's tools are and I'll do it myself!"  He went to the garage and came back with a screwdriver.  Smart guy.... he had the wrong size and knew to go back and get a different one!
He successfully got the back of the toy open and found new batteries to put in there!  I dreaded the noisy toy working about but couldn't help but be so proud of him....
...and he was super proud of himself!!  Little man is growing up!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Family Day

Today our church had their annual Family Day Picnic!  The kids stayed the night with my mom last night so I was able to get some rest and go to church in peace by myself and then I met them later that afternoon for the picnic.  It was HOT but good to see a lot of people we don't get to see on a regular basis.  We took Uncle Kellen with us and he was lots of help with the kids.
They had face painting and the kids were all about it.  About a month ago we went to the church picnic in Springdale and Owen didn't want them painting on his face, just his hand, so I was surprised when he wanted this on his cheek today.  I guess he realized last time that it doesn't hurt.
Last time Addyson sat down to get hers and cried and cried and cried.  She's never done that before so as far as she knew they could be getting ready to clean her teeth or give her a shot!  She wanted NO part of it.  Today, she sat down and was real excited so I asked the lady to just paint her hand so it wouldn't be too overwhelming for her.  Addyson though it was pretty cool!
She was SO proud to show her ice cream tattoo to everyone.  Then, she started rubbing her face with the back of her hand.  I couldn't figure out what she was doing and then I realized what she was saying.....  She wanted it on her face like brother and was hoping to rub it off onto her face.  I told her we'd have to wait until next time.  Now that she knows it is safe we can upgrade her to a big girl tattoo!! : )
At the picnic I had several people ask me if I was about to have the baby and told me I look SO ready.  I had to break the news that I still had 4 weeks left.  I couldn't figure out why I was being asked so much all of a sudden and getting such responses that people look at me with big wide eyes like they feel sorry for me.  Afterall, all I normally see is the front of my belly and it doesn't look so big to me!  I've also had lots of people tell me that I don't look pregnant in the face or from behind... it is just when you see my belly.  So....after the picnic we took the kids back to Nammie's house so she could help with bath time and I got a glimpse of a side view of my belly....
Now, I see why people were asking!!!  LOOK at the size of that belly!!!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Birthday Prayer

Our friend Can celebrated his 3rd birthday today at the Boys and Girls Club with a pool party!  We were going to have to miss it due to traveling with Brad but since he is in Brazil we were able to make it!  We were so glad to be able to celebrate with him!!!!
When we sat down to sing "Happy Birthday" Addyson folded her hands to pray.  I thought it was SO cute.  She didn't sing her prayer, she sang "Happy Birthday" and kept her hands folded the whole time!!! : )
We are so lucky to have such good friends.  The parents are so helpful with my kids and it makes all the difference!!!  So when I looked over at Addyson and she was getting "nake nake" at the table Isabella's daddy quickly came to my rescue and helped her put her clothes back on.  What a silly girl!  I took home two tired kids and we all got a nap!  Again, very helpful when I am going on week 4 of being a single parent!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Bliss Bribe

While Brad was in Brazil for his 12 trip he found out he was going to have to come home and turn around and go right back.  I was SO bummed.  We were suppose to go with him on the road for a week and I was looking forward to that time together.  Now, he was leaving and we were staying..... not what this pregnant momma wanted to hear.  I tried to look at the bright side, at least he got to come home for the weekend (despite many people asking, "Why doesn't he just stay?"  He doesn't JUST stay because this momma needed a break and these kids needed to see their daddy!!!)
So he was in Brazil for 2 days when he caught wind that he was going to have to extend his trip an extra 6 days!!!  ARE YOU SERIOUS?????  I couldn't believe it.  I broke down.  I'm tired, exhausted, and we all miss him.  But, what can we do about it?  He can't quit?  He can't leave?  So, we plug along.  And his work tried to make up for it by sending this beautiful dozen of Bliss Cupcakes.
Sounded like a good bride to these kids!!!  Also sounded like a good bribe to this pregnant momma until I realized that we had a DOZEN cupcakes and no help from daddy to eat them.... : (
"What?  Daddy's not coming home for another week?  No worries, my mouth is full of icing.... I'll never notice!"
It is all fun and games until you add the numbers together.... when he gets home from Brazil Friday morning he'll be turning around to leave EARLY Tuesday morning for the week.  Anyone keeping up with the numbers???  That means in 5 weeks he'll have been home 6 days.  But, we won't think about that right now.  We'll just take things one cupcake at a time!!! : )

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


How do you stay connected with your daddy who has been out of town for 2 weeks and is now gone on another trip for 5 days?
You Skype!!!!
The kids hear the computer ringing and them come running to talk to their daddy!
Addyson is usually the computer hog and tries to monopolize it and take it with her around the house to show her daddy everything she has been up to.  When not on the go with it, she'll find a comfy spot to kick back to talk with her daddy!
I love Skype!  Daddy can go with the kids in the fort (or watch them do a cartwheel or new trick or sit at the dinner table with us....etc.) and not feel like he is missing out on so much!  What did they do back in the days before Skype when a parent was gone for so long???  I don't even want to know.  It is having the ability to see daddy every now and then that helps the kids (and myself) get through these long trips!


Now that he is officially a swimmer that puts his face in the water he thinks he needs goggles.  He asked me yesterday for a pair as we were shopping for stuff for the hot tub.  We went by Nammie's work to say Hi and he told her we were shopping for goggles.  Right away she went to her purse to give him and Addyson money so they could buy their own goggles and Owen was so proud!  It was cute.
After we left her work we went to 3 stores looking for goggles.  It was NO easy task.  I couldn't believe that none of the major stores had any goggles.  After three stores everyone was tired and melting down and it was worse that we were going home empty handed.  Poor guy... all he wanted was goggles!  That afternoon Ashley came to watch the kids so I could run some errands and I happened to find 2 pairs of goggles!!!  Thank goodness!!!  I came home and Owen was SO happy I had found what his little heart had been asking for!
He was SO excited to go swimming today with his friends and try out his new goggles!!!  Now, if I can just get them to fit perfectly.... not too tight and not too loose.  I'll have to work on that!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Look how far our little swimmer has come this summer!!!
He puts his face under water and swims!!!  Not just a quick swim, a long one!!!
He comes up for air, wipes his face off, and does it all over again!!!  I'm so proud of him!
He loves to float around in the water.  Floats back and gets water in his face (and I'm sure up his nose) and it doesn't phase him one bit!
And he is now a huge jumper!!  He loves to jump in and...
...go under water!  Who would have thought he would be doing this by the end of the summer???  Not me!
And while Owen is jumping and splashing, Addyson prefers to be swinging.....naked!  Silly girl!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Playing in the Rain

Today, finally, there was a break in the heat!  It rained and we didn't let that stop us!  Actually, we enjoyed it and played in it while it was so cool outside!!!  The kids were out riding cars this afternoon when it started to drizzle.  We just kept riding!
It was cute though, they each got their bath towels and put them on so they could stay dry!
Then this evening we went for pizza with some friends and the kids started to get wild after dinner.  I told Veronica that we should take them to the park down the street to let them run.  On our way there it started to rain, a bit harder than this morning, but I had already promised the kids would could play so I knew they wouldn't be happy when I turned around and left.
Besides, what harm is a little bit of rain.  We won't melt! The worse that will happen is our clothes will get wet..... and you will go SUPER fast down the slide!!!!  I had to make sure to watch any time a kid went to side because someone had to be there to catch them at the end!  Addyson thought it was funny!
It was actually refreshing to be able to play at the park and not have your legs get burnt on the slide or swings, be pouring with sweat, or be too hot to even move.
The kids just loved it!  It started to rain a bit hard so Issac and Isabella left but we stayed and played another 15 minutes.  It was SO much fun!

Brushing Hair

I remember as a little girl wanting to fix my mommy's hair.  I was probably around 8 when I really remember asking her to brush her hair and wanting her to fix mine.  Maybe I did it younger, not sure.
These days, Addyson loves to brush my hair and it takes me back to my childhood.  I love that no matter where I am sitting, if I just got out of the shower, she wants to help me!  She'll sit on the back of the couch just so she can brush my hair!  She'll brush some to the front of my face as if she were styling it and then come around front to take a look at her work!
Today I was talking on the phone right after I got out of the shower and the minute I sat down she was all over it!  Without realizing what she was doing, she left my room, went to the kitchen, and came back with her step stool so she could be up high enough to brush my hair while I talked on the phone.
It was a really sweet moment!!!
After that I quickly realized that nothing is really safe in this house. She now knows how to move things or go get her step stool in order to be able to reach whatever she wants to.... I'm sure that means she will soon be using her step stool to be a great big sister and help with baby.  Gotta love our sweet little helper!