Friday, September 30, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

So today I'm 6 days late and getting antsy.  My parents are on there way from Canada and my mom leaves Monday for France so I feel like time is ticking.  What do we do to keep us busy?  Get OUT of the house!  Thankfully there have been a lot of MOMS Club events planned this week to keep us active!  Today we headed to a Pumpkin Patch!
The kids rode on the cow tractor!  I thought about getting in and going for a ride to see if that would help induce labor but then I was afraid I'd never get myself out of there after seeing Brad have to cram in there with Addyson!
I think I saw a sigh of relief come over Brad's face when Addyson decided, before the ride started, that she was a big girl and could ride by herself like the rest of her friends.  (As I sit here and type this and have no signs of labor, I'm wondering if I should have given the tractor a try!!!)
After the cow tractor ride we went for a walk through the corn maze!  There is an "A" and a Razorback to walk through but the owners gave us a map with the short cut version for the kids!
The kids loved having their own map, reading it, and telling us which way to go!  Again, thankful to be out walking and enjoying each contraction with high hopes that each one was "the one" to kick off labor.... but, as you know, still no luck.
Here's our family shot!  Can you tell the sun is bright and shinning right on us???
Next, we headed to the Little Jack pumpkin patch where the kids could pick out a small pumpkin to take home.
 So many cute, little pumpkins to choose from!
 With handfuls, it is hard to pick just one!!!!
Not knowing if we are going to make it to another patch soon, we went to the big Jack patch and picked out HUGE pumpkins to take home with us!  I loved watching the kids try to pick up all pumpkins of all sizes!
 No pumpkin was too big to try to hold!
And as Owen went through the patch picking out a pumpkin for each member of the family he came across this "huge" one for mommy!  It looks like it has a belly as big as mine!  Should I be offended or think this is cute???  I love how Brad had to laugh about it and tell me what he said a couple of times!  Thanks Brad!
Look at this strong boy!  Wasn't a fan of the dirty pumpkins but this one was so perfect otherwise that we had to tell him the dirt could be washed off!!!
 Which one is prefect for baby?
After we had our fill of pumpkin and had picked out 5 perfect pumpkins, we hopped on the pumpkin tractor and headed back to the entrance to have our pumpkins weighed.
And the kids got lucky to go on one more cow tractor ride!!!  What a fun morning!!!!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Poor Skip

Now that the cat is gone poor Skip is getting ALL of Addyson's affection!
Look at that look on his face....he is pleading for help! : )
She doesn't officially know that the cat is gone but when she goes to look for it she can't find it and she has sort of given up looking.  Why look when she can just chase Skip long enough for him to cower down and she can pick him up and carry him around.  Poor Skip.  I think I hear him bark a warning bark over 100 times a day and it doesn't phase Addyson one bit.  She has learned to call his bluff!  She knows he doesn't bite so she just goes right ahead with her plan of picking him up, carrying him around, rocking him in the chair, pushing him in the shopping cart, holding him while she goes potty, taking him night night with her.... and the list goes one.  She asks over 100 times a day to "hold Skippy".  It has gotten worse these past couple of days and I'm not sure what to do about it.  Poor Skip is about 14 years old and I'm sure all he wants to do is lay around in his old age...not with this overly loving toddler around.  Skip, one day we'll find the perfect pet for Addyson and hopefully let you get some rest....until then, hang in there poor Skip!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Cowboy Day

Today was Cowboy Day at school!!!  Look at my cute cowgirl and handsome cowboy!!!
I was hopeful baby would come after all my walking in circles yesterday at Partytime Ponies so I had the kids take their outfits off as soon as they got home yesterday and put them by the door so they were ready for whoever got them ready for school.  Turns out it was me! : )  That's ok!  Just another day of enjoying my precious cowkids!
Look at Sheriff Woody!  All ready to see Pastor/Cowboy Larry's horses.  I love how the school has different activities throughout the year that correspond with the letter of the alphabet they are working on that week!  Fun activities the kids look forward to!
I reminded Addyson, before I dropped her off, about how she rode the horseys yesterday and that she was going to see them today and she was excited.  Her teacher told us that she brought carrots for the kids to feed the horses and I knew it was going to be so much fun!  When I picked her up she said, "I no like the horseys.  Horseys scare me."  Her teacher informed me that she held Addyson most of the time.  That silly girl!  It amazes me how she can ride them over and over again without fear, go to sleep, and be scared of them the next day.  As I blog, and she see the pictures of the horses, she is demanding to ride them again and crying that I am not jumping up to take her riding.  Let's say I did jump up and take her....would she ride them?????  Who knows!  I know Owen would!  And he loved Cowboy Day today!  Thanks Sonshine School for a great day!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pet Ownership

He was happy to see the cat...this was a very rare occasion...the cat has pretty much been hiding under our bed when the kids are awake and then coming out at night to play (wake us up), eat, and poop in the hallway by the kids' rooms.  So you can probably see where I am going with this...the cat was in the carrier for a reason and once Owen was told the reason he wasn't so happy.  Poor guy!!!!
 After much back and forth we decided to take Sooie back to her original owners.  It broke my heart to tell Owen and see his tears but I'm not sure there was a better answer at this point.  We are already getting little sleep and that is about to get worse, having a cat add to that lack of sleep didn't seem to make sense.  I already have a lot of poop to clean up after and having a pile or two of poop outside the kids' rooms wasn't helping and I was always afraid Owen would step in a pile by accident and then the mess would be every where!  So....with a heavy heart, we took Sooie back.

Funny how pet ownership changes when you have kids!  I got Sam at 16 and that dog peed on the floor constantly and then I got Skip around 20 and he eats holes in the walls but they were my babies and they weren't going any where!  Why is it that the past 2 pets we have "tried out" haven't worked?  Am I less tolerant?  Am I more picky?  Have we not found the perfect pet?  I remember as a kid that my parents got rid of a couple of pets and I was SO sad and thought I would never do that...and I didn't.....until I had kids of my own.  I know we can't keep up this cycle, it is too hard on the kids.  Owen still talks about Kiptyn.  I think a small pet, like another yorkie, that is young (not stuck in its ways like the 5 year old cat) but not too young where I have to pottie train will be ideal but after we adjust to baby and when Addyson is a bit older where she is more gentle with the pet.  For now, we have Skip (who still occasionally eats walls and I threaten him daily to take him to the pound) and a fish that doesn't cause me any grief and a baby on the way.  That seems like enough (and a lot), I just hope the kids see it that way for the time being!  And in the meantime, Brad and I need to stop and take a look at just want kind of pet owners we want to be.

Party Time Ponies

This morning the MOMS Club planned an outing at Personal Ponies where the kids could ride as much as they wanted for one hour for $10.  2 weeks ago I rsvp'd "maybe" saying I'd be there depending on if I was in labor or with baby or not......
Turns out we made it and the kids were excited!!!!  Me, not as excited.  No baby....exhaustion.... it is getting to me.  My legs started hurting just taking a shower so I was thankful Brad was going with to the ponies to help with the kids.  Then, as I got out of the shower, I heard him on the phone and got the bad news......there was a minor crisis at work he had to take care of so he wouldn't be going with.  Ugh!  But I guess that was better than his other option, driving 4 hours to Oklahoma to take care of it....not with me in this "condition"!!!!
I said there was no way I could take them alone, I was out of breath just thinking about it.  Then, as the kids ran around like crazy monkeys making a mess out of the house and being loud, I knew there was NO way we could stay home and stay sane and Brad for sure would not get any work done.  I knew there would be moms to help me so we loaded up and headed out!
I'm so glad we did!  We arrived at the kids were excited!  They went right to the line and jumped on a horse... I actually think we ended up cutting in line but it was SO crazy I didn't notice until after the horses were moving.  See who is sitting out but so excited to be waving to Owen.... Addyson.  She was terrified even though just 2 weeks ago she was riding, brushing, and feeding ponies.  Funny how quickly they forget.  I was worried but saw she was having just as much fun waving so I tried to just sit back and relax.
After his ride, Owen came over to greet the little pony in the pen by himself.  Again, super cautious in the beginning despite our very recent encounter with ponies.  I couldn't get him to come over and pet the pony.  It didn't help that the pony was a bit mouthy and looked like he was trying to "bite" my fingers.
Then he stuck his head through the fence and Owen wanted NO part of getting close to pet the pony!  Back to the line we went to ride that ponies whose mouth couldn't get close to him!
And while that was going on, all of a sudden I looked over and Addyson was climbing onto a horse!  She had a change of heart and wanted a turn to ride.....but, she wouldn't do it without me holding on.  I wasn't thrilled about the idea of walking around and around in a circle until I realized it was making me have contractions.  Maybe walking in a circle pared with riding bareback on one of the horses would help put me into labor!!! ; )
After a ride with me, Addyson was more comfortable with the horses.  She took a turn riding behind Owen with a strange guy helping her!!!!
And then she took a turn riding with my friend Jenny helping her!!!  Once she got going she was unstoppable!!!  She was always in line wanting to ride the horsey again!  I think she manged to get 5 or 6 rides in in that hour and Owen got 4 or 5.
When the rides were over the kids entertained themselves for another 20 minutes trying to feed the tiny pony in his pen.  It was a great morning and cute to see the kids dressed up in their cowboy/girl gear.  Owen requested that we call him "Woody" all day!  Now they are ready for Cowboy day at school tomorrow!

Monday, September 26, 2011

New Backpacks

Addyson got her very own backpack!!!!  She was so excited to get it and hasn't put it down since!!!!  After days of carrying around Owen's, sometimes having to fight him for it since it is HIS, she finally has her own to pack, unpack, and carry around.  When I got it this morning to get ready for school she already had it full of toys and books!!! : )  She was ready to go!
While I was ordering Addyson one I saw this red one I thought Owen could use next year when he goes to kindergarten.....a big boy, Razorback backpack.  He took one look at it and I knew that his monkey backpack was history.  There was no way he was not going to use this new backpack!
I wanted to take them to get embroidered before they used them but, again, I knew that would be a fight.  I figured they can use the backpacks this week at school and then Wednesday afternoon I can drop them off to get monogrammed....wish me luck with that one!  While it would have been nice to have new backpacks for the first day of school, now is the perfect time to buy a backpack, they are all on sale!  We got these from Land's End for $10!!!!
I love how she is such a big girl!  Loves to carry her backpack and puts her hands under the straps like big kids do!  She ran into her room and showed her teachers her new backpack!!!!  I love how it is the little things that make them so happy!
After school she napped with her backpack!!!!  She came out, after waking up, with her hair a mess and her backpack on!  Think she likes it?!?! : )
And she is ready for show-n-tell....think Skip likes his new ride???
And then she was all ready for our afternoon of shopping....she even made sure to have a cheese stick in the side pocket for a snack!  Now I'm wondering if I'll ever get it away from her long enough to have it monogrammed!  I'm glad she approves of my choice of style and color!!!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Bubbles and Birth Plan

Up until this point I haven't talked much about our birth plan for baby #3.  For one, we didn't really have a plan until about 30 weeks since we were waiting to move to Houston so it was hard to plan a birth when we didn't know where we were going to be.  Secondly, our plan this go around is a bit unconventional and while we are comfortable with our decision not everyone else will be.
So why share now?  1) It gives me a chance to write it down for our benefit to look back on later.  2) We are really close to baby's birth so there is less chance for "feedback" from others.  3)  It gives me a chance to show off these fun bubble pictures of the kids!
What does our bath tub full of bubbles have to do with our birth plan?  You'd have to get inside of Brad's head to understand that one!!! : )  Our plan, like with Addyson's birth, is to labor at home.  Unlike our last house with a tiny tub that hurt more to get into and out of before/during/after contrctions, we are hoping this BIG tub will make it easier to get through contractions and that is also another reason we bought the hot tub...lots of space to make it through contractions.  We are hoping that this birth will not last 48.5 hours like Addyson's labor and that baby will come quickly at home!  So, to get our tub "clean" and ready for baby's birth, Brad gave the kids a bubble bath!!!! 
Not sure if you are suppose to use bubbles in a jet tub.... I've heard otherwise... but, to Brad, it sounded like the best way to get a tub and 2 kids clean! : )
As our birth approaches, please keep us in your prayers as we envision and hope for the perfect birth of our newest addition where we can stay at home, baby be born loving into Brad's arms (with the help of our midwife), and that the kids are able to come be a part of the experience soon after baby makes its arrival.

40 and Waiting

So it is official... I'm past due.... I'm now 40 weeks and counting
I should be use to this right?  I should have expected this.  After all, Owen was 7 days late and then I was induced and then Addyson came on her own at 10 days late.  How silly of me to think this baby would have been born "early".... or should I say before its due date.  If baby comes sooner than 7 days late that will be early in my books!  I guess all of the contractions this past week really got my hopes up so when my due date came and I was still pregnant it was really hard for me.  Yesterday was an emotional day.  I cried and I'm not sure why.  I tried to remind myself that baby will come in God's perfect timing and I should just sit back and enjoy my time with Owen and Addyson and be thankful that I have a healthy, growing baby in my belly.  But, as my back aches and it hurts to walk and I can't sleep it is hard to be rational and clear thinking.  Each contraction I get excited and then I quickly get let down as nothing progresses.  Today is better.  I still didn't sleep good but I'm okay with where I am in my pregnancy.  I am past due but it isn't as traumatic as yesterday.... I guess I am at terms with this is how long I carry my healthy babies and for that I am thankful!  So, I sit here with a BIG belly that can't stretch anymore but enjoy each kick, work on nesting, and snuggle up with my other 2 as we all get ready for baby's big arrival!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Cooler Weather

After a week or so of nice weather we got hit with a mini cold front.  This morning it rained for our morning play date got moved inside to Chick fil a which is ok because the kids can still play but there is something about playing outside in fresh air that is different that just playing!
So combine cooler weather, with inside play, lack of sleep, baby on the way, and a short nap and you get two kids and a mommy that wake up a bit crabby and nothing is helping.  When nothing works in this house the best thing to do is go outside!  So that is exactly what we did!
It started out because Addyson is relentless with Skip.  She will NOT leave him alone... having the cat is not helping since the cat hides during Addyson's waking hours!  She wants Skip on the leash 24/7 and then drags the poor thing around the house. So I decided to take her outside with Skip so at least he could walk around a bit.
It quickly turned into a mini fishing trip when Owen asked to go fishing.  It is SO nice to be able to walk to the end of the street and have a little stream to fish out of... and most of the time Brad gets lucky enough to catch a fish for the kids to squeal over!!!!  Today was a double bonus... he caught 2!!!
Owen fishes for a while and then gets board if the fish aren't biting his line.  No worries... today he caught a dogfish!!!  Turns out Skip loves the fake worms and he ate it off of Addyson's pole... not really sure he should have eaten that but he liked it and the kids thought it was funny!
As the kids were engrossed with Skip, all of a sudden, out of the blue, there was a fish dangling over our heads!  That quickly got Owen back into the spirit of fishing!!!
Owen decided he wanted to try and learn how to hold the fish!  He is getting so brave!  He did a great job and then the fish did a little squirm and that was it!  The fish ended up on the ground, Owen jumped, and
I've never seen Addyson jump SO quickly into the wagon!!!!  Laughing and crying at the same time!  Wish I would have been filming it!  Luckily daddy came to our rescue... and the fish's and all was well.  Whew!  That was a close one.... and that is why I don't go fishing by myself with the kids!  That hour of cool, fresh air was just what we needed to get through the rest of our night!