Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick or Treat

The kids have been playing "Trick or Treat" for days leading up to this big day!!!  They would dress up, get their bucket, and then walk around the house saying "trick or treat" at various spots and then would say "thank you".  It was so cute to watch and I love how they were using their manors even when pretending!  After we left the Square we went to Guisano's for half price pizza and I made plans with Angela to go trick or treating in her neighborhood with the kids.  When I did I had NO idea it would take me 45 minutes to get across town when it usually takes 10 and I didn't know we'd have to wait forever to get our pizza.  Mom and I were exhausted but the kids still had energy and were eager to get to Jacob's house.  So... off we went!
Jacob and his family were already out (since we were so late) but, thanks to cell phones we were able to find them.  Once we did.... the kids were off!!!!
The two big boys would RUN up to a door with the younger two just a few steps behind them!!!  The big boys would ring the door bell and then once the door opened they would all yell "tick or treat'!!!!
They were so eager to see what goodies were waiting for them behind the door!  Some people made the mistake (like this guy) of holding the bowl down so the kids could pick out their treat.  The little ones saw this as an opportunity to grab a hand full and I head the guy saying, "just take one" over and over.  It was amusing.  I had to quickly step in before the whole bowl was emptied in this one visit! : )  And without prompting, they always remember to say "thank you" before they left!
We really missed Brad and while he said he "wasn't worried about missing this holiday" before he left, after I sent him many pictures and had several phone calls throughout the day to let him know where we were so he would feel so left out, he sent me an email saying it was affecting him more than he thought it would to miss today.  Poor guy!  And while we were one parent short, I was super thankful to have my mom there to help.  She took Ethan and stayed at Jacob's house with him and Jacob's grandma and helped hand out candy while I got to go door to door with the big two. 
Today was one of those days where my heart just jumped with joy and I was so excited to be a mommy!  I got to watch the kids with my mom on the square while I pushed little Ethan around and then I got to see my big two in action while I knew Ethan was peacefully sleeping in his grandma's arms.  Life is good!
Our night became even more special when Jay told us that we were about to go to the house of some of the Razorback football players!!!  Owen jumped with joy at the thought of seeing a Razorback in real life!  I wasn't too sure if we'd actually see them, I had noticed that the girlfriend was handing out the candy and the boys were no where to be seen.  Once the girlfriend saw the two Razorback mascots she said, "awwwww!!!" and the boys came to look!
Then Knile Davis (Number 7!!!) asked if the kids wanted to take a picture with him!!!  It was such a special moment!!!!  Owen was a bit confused to see him in regular clothes and not his football gear but, he was super excited that he got to meet a Razorback!!!  Thanks Knile for making this Halloween extra special!!!!

What a night!!!  Make that... what a day!!!!  Action packed and fun filled!!!  I can't wait to do it all over again next year!!!  For now, I'll tuck in my three sleepy kids (two pumped of sugar) and hope they have wonderful dreams of this fun day!  Happy Halloween!!!

Halloween at the Square

 The Fayetteville Square hosts a trick-or-treat event every year!  It is SO much fun to take the kids to because we see lots of friends, it is not scary, and it is light out.  The local business set up tables and hand out candy to the kids between 3-5.  The trick is to get there early before schools let out so it isn't too crazy and you can find a parking spot.
Well it was 3:15 and the kids were still napping so I had to open their doors....this meant that Addyson was a bit crabby and NOT a fan of the camera so there was SO posing with her brothers for a picture despite the many bribes.  Oh well... I'll keep trying....
The square was packed so we skipped the LONG line and found  a nice spot to jump in amongst the midst of fun!  I was so thankful my mom took the afternoon off work to come with us!  I can't imagine trying to navigate through the fun with the three of them by myself and trying to meet up with friends is almost a nightmare!  You just have to "run into" people there without planning it!
It was fun to listen to the kids go up to people and say "trick or treat" and then tell them "thank you"!
Then Addyson would walk away and look into her bucket to see what new treat she had gotten!! : )
After our buckets were full, legs were tired, and bellies hungry we posed for some pictures!  Again, getting Addyson to stand next to us was like pulling teeth so to get her to smile I think Nammie would have had to stand on her head!
But, I'll take what I can get!!! : )
Here's the attempt at a picture of my three little piggies.... Addyson is on her way out!!!
But, no worries, I got some cute pictures of my two little men!
Introducing Sue E
Big Red 
(but he says he is Boss Hog even though he doesn't have the blow up outfit on)
And Pork Chop!!!
And in case you were wondering, I was dressed as the Mascot Coordinator!!! : )
Happy Halloween and GO Hogs!!!!

Halloween at School

Because I have tons of pictures from today, I think I'll break Halloween up into 3 posts!
 This little guy got dressed up in his 1st Halloween shirt while his brother and sister got ready for their busy morning at school!!!!
Our Halloween festivities started off with dressing up for school!  Brad is out of town, again, and had to miss this fun holiday so I tried to take lots of pictures so I could send them to him throughout the day.  I had to threaten bride the kids to pose for this picture to send to dad to start off his day.  Addyson picked today out of all days to hate the camera but thankfully I got a good one.
They could hardly stand it though.  As I had them stand and pose they saw all the kids walking into school with their fun costumes on.  As soon as I gave them the "go ahead" they were off!!!!  So much excitement!
Ms. Merrily dressed up like a pig!  Addyson wasn't too sure what to think about that.  I tried to tell her they were both piggies today but that didn't help.  It was fun to see all the girls in their princess dresses and poodle skirts and see them all comparing their outfits.  Addyson didn't want to pose with the rest of them but I got this quick shot without her knowing!
Owen was excited to get to his class and see what his classmates dressed up as.  They both came home with a bucket full of candy and so many things to tell me about!  It took me a while to get them calmed down so they could nap.  We had a full evening planned so I needed them well rested!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Grandma's Birthday

My mom wanted to celebrate my grandma's 88th birthday with all of her family and make it a surprise for Grandma.  That is a bit hard to do because Grandma is a bit... how do you say... stubborn.... see, I come by it honestly!! ; )  She would not be for a get together for her birthday so mom called it a family reunion potluck and she was all for that!
It was so nice to see family we haven't seen in a long time and have everyone meet Ethan for the first time all while honoring Grandma, the glue that holds this crazy family together!
She enjoyed her day and I even got some good pictures of her smiling...which, if you know Grandma is hard to do since she usually hides from cameras!!!
While all the adults caught up, the kids had fun playing in the gym!!!  I was so glad my cousin's kids came so my big two had cousins to play with!!!
They did SO great playing together, we rarely heard a peep out of them.  They just came in the room to get food and then were back to playing.  No one really supervised so I'm not sure how many pieces of cake and candy they really had and I'm probably better off not knowing!!!!  I'm glad Owen and Addyson packed a bag of toys to play with and thankfully he packed his tools so they could fix the bleachers! ; )
Instead of getting a big gift for Grandma, we all decided to give her money so she could get what she needed.  It was fun to see her open the card and they say "ooo weee!" as she saw the money inside.
Then she would toss the money into the money box!!!  There were quit a few "ones" that I know were meant for the casino!!!  If you know Grandma and Aunt Carol, that is one of their favorite hang out places!!!
Here is Grandma holding her 19th great grandchild!!!!  Such a sweet moment!  Happy Birthday Grandma!
And just in case you are wondering if the kids had fun, this is what they looked like about 5 minutes after being in the car!
It was either all the playing or sugar overload or combo of both that put them in a deep sleep for the whole ride home!
For Ethan, it was probably all of the passing around and meeting new people!  It is a lot of work to be the newest family member!! : )

Friday, October 28, 2011

Carving Pumpkins

Halloween is my favorite holiday but it seems like every year it sneaks up on us and we end up cramming in pumpkin carving at the last minute if we even get it done before Halloween.  It doesn't help that Brad always seems to be gone leading up to this fun holiday!
Our friends, the Fralas, invited us over for pumpkin carving at their house.  I was extremely exhausted and worried about Ethan's fussy time at night so I almost passed on the fun opportunity but now I'm thankful I didn't.  The kids were SO excited to wake up from nap, wash their pumpkins, and head over to Alia's house!
The Frala's make pumpkin waffles and other breakfast items for dinner and the kids LOVED It!  I remember my mom use to make breakfast for dinner at least once a month and it was so fun.  I don't know why I never do it!  We also usually make fun of waffle makes, we say they are the gift every engaged couple registers for and never uses... that's why we didn't register for one.  But, I have to tell you, after eating those yummy wafflers for dinner and the idea of making a bunch of them for dinner and freezing leftovers for an easy breakfast makes me want to go out and get a waffle maker!  Santa, if you are reading this ... hint, hint. ; )
Owen was ready for us to finish eating so we could start carving!  He remembers from last year that his daddy cooks the seeds afterward for a yummy treat so he was ready to start gathering all of the seeds!
Addyson had fun too scooping out the pumpkin guts!!! We had such tall pumpkins that she had to stand up to really get into it!
After the pumpkins were cleaned out the kids got to create their own jack-o-lantern!   Owen thought it was so neat and I enjoyed watching what he came up with!
After Owen drew the face, daddy carved it out... with a little help from Addyson!
All done!  He was so excited to see the finished product!!!  He was trying to smile to pose with his pumpkin but it was a little too heavy for him to pose for picture after picture waiting for mommy to get the perfect one!
Then it was Addyson's turn!!!  She went to town with that marker!!!  She needed a little more guidance from daddy!
Her pumpkin posed more of a challenge for daddy!!!  Many crazy lines to follow but he was up for the challenge.
But daddy did a great job getting her vision perfect and she was so happy to see the final product!!!!
Ethan slept through his first pumpkin carving event.  Maybe next year he'll be a little more into it!!! ; )
After the pumpkins were carved and while the seeds baked, the kids had fun playing!!!  It was all fun and games until Addyson and Alia got into the paint in Alia's room...oops!  Thankfully, Owen, my right do-er, came running out to tell us before the girls repainted the whole room!!! ; )  Thanks Frala's for a fun night!!!!  Can't wait until our pumpkin carving evening next year!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Daddy is Home!

Since Daddy travels A LOT he doesn't normally bring us surprises home... our house would be cluttered (more than it already is) if he did!!!!  So, when he does bring a special treat home it is a nice surprise!
Daddy was in Canada this week and Canada is the home of our favorite doughnuts!!!  Daddy didn't hesitate to bring us home a special treat this visit!!  Especially since it was his first big trip from home since Ethan has been born!  Daddy loves to make it a big surprise and have the kids close their eyes!  I love watching them try to peak through squinted eyes to try to see what treat daddy has brought home as they wiggle with excitement!
Yay!!!  Timbits from Tim Hortons!!!  These are the special doughnuts we get when we visit Opa and Nina!
It is a good thing we ate our supper before daddy got home!!!  They each polished off their box (with a tiny bit of help from mommy! : )  )  We love our little surprises from daddy when he walks through the door but really, all we really look forward to is having him here to tuck us in to bed at night!!  Glad you are home daddy!!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Looks like someone could use a lesson in sharing!
 This morning Brad and I got to go eat breakfast "alone", we just had Ethan with us.  I was SO looking forward to a relaxing breakfast and sipping on cup after cup of coffee.  Funny, with or without big kids, things always seem a bit crazy!!!  Brad had to get up several times to get something we'd forgotten from napkins, to forks, to coffee.  When I went to get my coffee it was all gone so Brad said he's share his cup with me.  After a few minutes of talking I went to take a drink of his coffee and this was all that was left.... um, thanks for sharing.... I guess!  This is why I don't like to share with him!!!  He eats it all or drinks it all without even realizing he's done it!!!!  When he first came home from Iraq we were out to dinner with a group of friends.  I was talking with a friend when Brad asked if he could have a bite of my uneaten sandwich. I said "sure" and then next thing I know is I went to take a bite and the WHOLE thing was gone.  I should have learned my lesson back then (7 years ago!!!). : )  I guess I thought all these lessons and teaching our kids to how to share would have rubbed off!!!  I'll keep working on it!


Ethan is our crier.... or should I say screamer?!?!  Much fussier than the other two and his bad time of night starts about 6.  I've realized now that is almost all has to do with gas.  Poor guy!  I use to just think it was me laying him down but he is fine for a bit and then gets fussy and when I pick him up he usually burps or farts so I know think it is ALL tied to being gassy.
Today, when Ethan was crying, Owen said, "Don't cry Ethan.  God doesn't want you to be sad.  He wants you to be happy." I thought that was SO sweet!  I told Owen I was going to remind him of that next time he cried! : )
He can be screaming his head off and once you pick him up all is better!  This is his favorite position!
The outfit he is wearing is the one Owen wore home from the hospital!!!!  I love putting Ethan in all of my favorite outfits of Owen and reliving all those memories and making new ones!!! : )