Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dirty in January

How is it that my kids are dirtier in January than they were all summer long???  It has been a busy day filled with cooking (real and pretend) and playing outside!
Yep, playing outside with no jacket, hats, mittens or snow boots!!!  Playing outside barefoot and putting lotion on our baby to keep her protected from the sun!  Can you believe it is January???  This whole month, each nice day I tell the kids they have to play outside to enjoy "this last nice day before the cold hits" and that "cold" I keep talking about has yet to hit us.
We have been hitting many record temperatures this winter since the cold front that usually dips down and brings us snow has been hovering around the Canadian boarder keeping the cold away from us.  This time last year we were hit with a HUGE ice/snow storm that brought many welcomed snow days from school.
This year, the warm weather has given me dirty kids... dirtier than most summer days!!!  I'm trying to figure out why and I think it is because they are not swimming in the kiddie pool throughout the day to "rinse off".  Of course it doesn't help that she smashed a lima bean on her forehead during dinner to get Owen to laugh.  Oh geeze!  I welcome these dirty kids because that is a good sign of a happy kid that was able to do lots of good outside play versus being stuck inside and going stir crazy on a snowy day!
Just because there is no kiddie pool swimming doesn't mean that we haven't been swimming in January!!!  It has been SO nice some days, upper 60s, that we have been able to go swimming in the hot tub!!!  Still waiting for the big snow fall for this winter, until then, we'll keep enjoying these nice days and dirty kids!!!

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