Sunday, January 29, 2012

Goofin' with Georgia

Everyone needs friends in life that you can call on any time of day or night.  A friend that you can visit with to heal your soul and no matter if a day has passed, a week, a month, or a year it feels like you just saw each other hours ago and you pick up where you left off.  A friend that gets you.  A friend that grows with your growing family.
To me, Georgia is one of those friends.  I met her in the dorms my sophomore year of college and we have been best pals ever since.  Through the good and the bad, she has been there.  And now, she helps me entertain my growing family.
Accepting each child as a family member to her!  When I was having a bad day last Tuesday I told her I really needed to see her and fill my "Georgia Cup" and she didn't hesitate to say she'd come visit on her day off, Sunday.  We spent the afternoon running errands and catching up.
And then she went with us to check our our next big adventure (stay tuned for more details!)!!  While we were there we got stuck with the kids in the car while Brad talked over some details, the kids were getting antsy so Aunt Georgia pulled out her camera and all was better.  The kids started showing us their muscles and Aunt Georgia would take a picture and then show the kids.

Antsyness turned to sillyness as everyone came up with different poses to model, pose with, and check out after the picture was taken.  And for that moment I thought Georgia knew my kids better than I did!!  Why didn't I think of that???  Sometimes it is nice to have a fresh face around to help you think outside of the box and come up with things that your tired mind just can't think of for that moment!
Not only does an extra set of hands come in handy with the big kids, it also puts our group at a one-to-one ratio!!!  SO helpful!  When the big kids and I were with daddy checking out our next big adventure, Georgia and Ethan were bonding/playing so I knew he was in good hands and I could just focus on what we were looking at!
A times I like to think I am "Super Mom" and at times I think I have everyone else believing I am a "Super Mom"!  But, during my weaker moments when I think I am messing it all up and can't do anything right, I call on my dear friend who helps me remember the good times and all the things I am doing right and that even the things I think are terrible are just a brief moment in time that no one else remembers but me who seems to sit and fester on things and over analyze.  During these moments, I'm going to look at this picture and remind myself that I am "Super Mom", if to no one else but my kids!
And dear friends in my life help me continue to be a "Super Mom" by helping to give me some of the love and attention that I need so I can continue to give it out so abundantly!
Something that helps our family cure the blues, goofiness!!!  If you are laughing/smiling, you can't be crying/frowning.  And each time we laugh together, we fill our "love cup" that helps us get through the other trying times that might come our way.
Thanks Georgia for helping us fill up our "love cup" at the end of the weekend!  It will help this momma and kids get through another week of daddy being gone!  Thanks for being a great friend and a great aunt to the kids!  Everyone needs a Georgia in their life to goof around with!

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Shannon said...

That's awesome! I wish my "Georgia" friend lived closer. ;)