Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Internet Interests

So there are a lot of things on the internet that have people talking these days; from blogs, to good sites to buy soaps, clothes, and foods, free items/giveaways, Facebook, and a great site to store all of your favorites from the internet- pinterest.
Most of these things I'm a sucker for.  Heck, I have my own blog that I hope people flock to to find out what we are up to and listen to what I have to say.  I'm a sucker for deals so I scan the internet trying to find the best online coupon for the cheapest online store so I can stock up on environmentally friendly products for a steal of a deal!  I use Facebook to see what family and friends are up to.  One thing that I'm trying to get into but just can't seem to get hooked like everyone else apparently is, is Pinterest.
Pinterest is a great site to come up with ideas for birthday parties, recipes, craft projects, fashion items that are a must, and so on.  Sounds great, see what your friends like and see if you would like it too.
For me, they are yummy recipes I will never make..... I'm a creature of habit and seem to make what I know.  They are craft projects I will never do.... where will I find the time..... wait, where will I find the creativity?  They are clothes, shoes, jewelry I will never buy.....I'm trying to get into fashion but still trying to get past this baby weight before I start looking at things I "wish I could wear now".
The reality is, I'm not a planner.  I'm a wing it/last minute sort of girl!  So, this morning, when I was hungry and trying to think of something to do with the kids, I decided last minute to make muffins.  No planning.  No prep.  Just, hey guys, let's make muffins!  I knew we had blueberries and lemons so I quickly got on pinterest and looked for a yummy recipe.  I found this yummy recipie for Lemon Sugar crusted Blueberry Muffins.  Before getting started, I pinned it to my board, of course, so everyone that was following me could see this yummy recipe too.... and then we headed to the kitchen.
As we got to work, I noticed that we didn't have a couple of ingredients we needed.... downside of not being a planner.  But, I had already set the muffin bake in motion so there was no going back.  Thanks to the internet, I found out how I can make buttermilk with yogurt and milk which Addyson was helping me make.  I also found out to substitute vegetable oil with butter.  We were also out of baking soda.... maybe we shouldn't have made this recipe.... but, we had the major ingredients; blueberries and lemons!
Thankfully we have a neighbor that is a planner, I sent O and A over with a note asking for baking soda and she gave the kids a baggie full to bring back.  They were SO proud of being big enough to run next door for me! (Of course I watched them to make sure they were safe).
FINALLY, we rounded up all of the ingredients, mixed up our muffins, and filled our tin!!  Ready to bake them and find out just how yummy they are.
They were SO eager to get their muffins out and give them a try... just had to wait 30 minutes!  And thankfully we now have a dog around to help clean up our floors after our cooking adventure!! : )  My question is, why pinterest?  Why not just google what you need when you need it?  Or, if you want to cook something use our favorite site- allrecipes.com  I like this site because you can type in the ingredients you have and it will find the perfect recipe for you.
I can't lie, I have found a few yummy recipes on pinterest that I will probably try that I'm not sure I would have found through google but, as far as being hooked, I can't say I am.  That's probably a good thing.  I'm hooked enough to blogger, Facebook, and my zoo game on my iPhone.  Those alone eat up the little free time I have.... no pinterest needed.  I have an account and I'm sure I will use it here and there.  It will be a good place to get ideas for our big 7 Year Itch party in October but, I think I'm far from being hooked and I hope it stays that way!! : )
This morning though, I think my kids are happy I got on pinterest and found this yummy recipe!  With a few tweaks to the recipe, they ended up being lemon sugar crusted organic blueberry muffins made with whole wheat and they were yummy!!!  The kids ate 3 of them.... ok, so did I!!!!
And I found something for Ethan on the internet too!  A giveaway hosted by my friend Jennifer at Hollands on the Hill!!!  She is giving away a gift certificate to Personally Stitched Monogramming and Gifts.  Her stuff is SO cute!  There is an Easter basket on there that I would love to have for Ethan's first Easter... and all of those that follow!  Jennifer's blog is a good blog to turn to for ideas on baby items.... who needs pinterest when you have friends that blog about neat items?!?! : )  Go check out her blog and put your name in the hat to win this great giveaway... if you don't have a need for the gift certificate and you win.. keep me Ethan in mind!!! : ) I think giveaways are SO fun!  For one, I'm a sucker for free stuff!!  Two, giveaways help bring attention to others blogs and help them gain followers!!!  Three, giveaways also help bring attention to the wonderful items that crafty moms make... things I would never find on my own but fall in love with once I see them!  For those reason, I'm hoping to host a giveaway of my own soon!!!  Stay tuned!!!

Now to get off this blog and head over to pinterest to find a good recipe for the upcoming Super Bowl... see, I won't completely turn my nose up to everyone's favorite site... it comes in handy for some things!! : )

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