Saturday, January 28, 2012

Tea Party

Today we went to our first birthday party where we went because Owen is friends with the little girl and not through me!  We are so use to going to parties where we know everyone because we are all mom friends or the parents are our friends from pre-babies.  Not this time...
Emma, a little girl from Owen's class, was having an Alice in Wonderland tea party.  I let Addyson choose which outfit she wore, thinking she would choose a tutu or her fancy dress up dress.... nope, she choose her Tangled dress.  She also had on heels, gloves, and a crown but, when I went to take a picture of how cute she was she took off running... in heels.... I can't even walk in heels, how the heck is she running in them????
Owen found his Chuck E. Cheese crown and they were all set to go..... which brings up a question.... Am I allowed to bring Addyson with if Owen got the invitation????  When do I stop bringing along siblings to parties.  At the time, I didn't even think about it.  Now, I know she was welcomed, there were other siblings there.  However, when do I know if she is allowed to come?
Emma had her party at the school/church where the kids go.  It was great because they had the run of the place and they blew up the HUGE slide! 
The kids must have gone down that slide 30 times or more!!!  All that sliding helped them work up an appetite!
Emma's mom had a table set up for the tea party under a tent and it was all SO adorable!!!
Even Owen got into it.  I wasn't sure if he would see the party as too girly but it didn't seem to phase him one bit.  He wore his crown and felt like he fit in!
After all of Emma's friends found there seat, there was an extra seat at the table for Addyson to join the party.  She was so adorable!!!
Look at that awesome cake and goodies Emma's mommy made!!  And I love the table cloth, Alice's apron!!!
I was in awe of Jamie's (Emma's mom) creativity!!!  Wonder if I'll be able to throw a tea party like this for Addyson.  Which brings up another question.  When do you start letting the children make the decisions about their party?  Up until now, I've always designed everything for both kids.  I wasn't going to let my 4 year old have a Sponge Bob party... he doesn't even watch that show until it is on while we are eating at Flying Burrito.  He doesn't watch Spiderman either but he is asking for a Spiderman party and got the mask, watch and other spiderman things as gifts.  Isn't it funny how that is such a "boy" thing and he is SO into it even though he has never seen a show.  So I am thinking this year I will have him help me with the theme and decorations and I just hope he takes a little guidance from me!!!!
If I think it is bad trying to figure out what to do with 2... while little E hangs out in the sling.... what am I going to do when all 3 are running around?  I guess that is when one parent takes one child to the birthday party which the other parent has time with the other 2.  I guess future birthday parties will help us have some alone time with individual children!  I'll choose all the fun tea party ones!!! : )

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