Saturday, January 28, 2012

Weekend Nights

In my last months of pregnancy Brad and I weren't sure if we would get a date night in a LONG time.  We had told Ashley we wouldn't leave her with all three kids for a long time.....
Fast Forward 3 short months and we are enjoying date night.  I guess Aric and Emily's wedding helped us see/realize that Ashley could handle all three!!!  However, we do help her a bit.  Now we try to have the kids fed with jammies on and I will nurse Ethan down before Ashley gets here around 7.  Then we quickly run out the door and know our time is ticking!  We have about 2-2.5 hours before Ethan wakes up and wants to eat.  We use to have Ashley come at 4 and play with the kids, feed them, bathe them, and get them ready for bed.  Now, we want to make sure that our big kids are ready for bed in case Ethan wakes up before they go to bed that way it is super easy for Ashley to get them down for the night.
Date nights are short and sweet but just exactly what we need!  With Brad gone so much it is really important that we get a bit of alone time... and I think the date night is good for me to be able to eat one meal a week "alone" without someone else eating off my plate, needing to go potty while my food is hot, and trying to eat with a baby or child on my lap.  We have this "weekend" gig down to a science!  Ashley knows just how to rock Ethan to keep him happy for about 5 minutes until I get home and we come home and call the night a success!

Then the next night we try to do something fun with the kids!  Today we met the Pratt family at Fast Lanes where Owen showed us he can now bowl without the ramp AND bumpers AND he can get a strike!!!!  How does he do that???
Ethan is learning that on busy weekends he might as well give up the hope of napping in bed.  Napping on my shoulder in the sling is the next best thing!!!  With Brad home just a couple of days we try to jam in as much as possible which is exhausting for all!
And to wrap up the weekend we'll try to have dinner in with a friend.  Going out with all 3 all weekend gets to be a bit much!  Plus, at home, the kids can play as soon as they are done and the adults can hang out and chit chat and everyone is happy.... doesn't work that way at a restaurant.  Tonight Colby came over for a yummy dinner.  It is nice because we'll have our guest bring something to share which takes some of the pressure off of us and it works out good for all parties involved.  Just wish there were a few more days in the weekend so we could see more friends and not have to space things out so far... maybe when Brad is home more we can start a supper club and see more friends more often!!!  I know it is good for Brad's soul.... life on the road can get a bit lonely!  Thank goodness for our weekend nights!!!

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