Friday, February 3, 2012

1st Gymback Meet

Tonight we went to our first Razorback gymnastics meet of the season.  This is their 3rd home meet but we haven't been able to go until tonight and we almost didn't make it tonight!!!
It was a yucky, rainy night and we couldn't decide if it was worth taking the kids out in it.  Once we made the decision to go the kids were SO excited to get dressed up in their Razorback gear and go cheer on the Hogs!!!  We got there to find out they took cash only for tickets and we had NONE.  UGH!!!
After walking all the way there with the kids jumping with excitement I knew there was NO way we could had back to the car.  Thankfully our friend Rosemary said we could use her husband's employee pass to get in.  Whew!!!  She saved us from a night of disappointment with our kids!
The downside to those tickets is you don't have set seats and by this time I'm hot, sweaty, overwhelmed, exhausted, frustrated.....  I just want to sit down and calm down!  We found seats in the bleachers next to the Dixons and the kids jumped right into calling the Hogs and cheering with the fans.  Me, I couldn't get into it.  I sent Brad on a wild goose chase to find me a t-shirt to change into, I first had to find a way to cool down, with no luck.  Really?  When did they stop selling shirts?  The day this hot momma needs one?  I changed seats several times trying to get comfortable, get a good view, and get away from too much noise/movement from the big kids.... I'm getting really over stimulated these days.  Can you blame me?  Crying baby in a sling on my belly, toddler pulling at my hand, 4 year old asking me 100 questions, husband asking me to help make a decision, friend texting to see where we were, and 500 Razorback fans watching us walking aimlessly around the stadium.  When I get overwhelmed I shut down and this environment is not for the faint of heart!  We met several friends there but I pretty much kept to myself.... sorry if you were there and I didn't talk much.... I hope you understand!  Some times I just don't have it in me to continue to listen to everyone and respond.... 3 kids and husband pretty much take it out of me... : )
And it doesn't help my nerves when I have a crying baby.  I get so worried about everyone around me and I get tense.... which I don't think helps Ethan calm down at all!  The start of the meet was 30 minutes past his bed time so I knew he was exhausted but he just would give in.  I put a blanket over his head and sang him "Baa Baa Back Sheep"  He would cry and then close his eyes and I would think he was sleeping and then 5 minutes later he would be screaming.... I don't think I watched much of vault or bars. : (
Brad eventually realized what was going on, he could hear Ethan or see me since he was sitting a couple of people down from me, and took Ethan.  Not sure how he did it but, Ethan quit crying.  He must have liked the change of scenery, calm parent, and everything to look at.
I took the opportunity to take some pictures (I should have been watching the meet instead!).  We ended up seeing several friends there tonight!!!!  It was a lot of fun for the kids!
And once Addyson noticed my lap was empty she took that as an open invitation to come sit with mom!!!  In between rotations, we took the opportunity to goof around!!
Owen went to give Ethan a kiss (he is such a good big brother.  he is always checking in with the younger two just to see what they are doing or to give them a hug or kiss)....
when he did he noticed that Ethan was following him so they started playing a game.  It was super cute!!  Owen would go back and forth and Ethan would follow him, smile, and squeal.  Owen was getting a kick out of it and so were we!
If you were to ask me if the meet was fun and relaxing I'm not sure I would say "yes".  Actually, Brad and I were talking about that on the way back to the car.  It was such a crazy start and with 3 kids past their bed time, it just gets to be a bit much.  I LOVE the Gymbacks and was SO excited when we got a gymnastics team 10 years ago!  I didn't miss a meet!  Now, times are a bit different.  I go for my kids and me sitting back and enjoying our #2 team takes a bit of a back seat.  That's okay!!  Most of the meets I can watch on tv at a later date!
Brad's face says it all!! : )  When Ethan had his final metldown we knew it was time to go!  We had just 3 people left on floor so I asked Brad to take Ethan to the car and pick us up.  Once he left I heard thunder and felt super bad!  He should have left Ethan with us... when we went outside it was POURING rain.  Brad, the great dad he is, kept Ethan dry and happy on his walk to the car and picked us all up at the door so we stayed dry!  What an adventure!  What a night!  I would like to go to another meet, next time, I'll just be a little bit more prepared!

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