Thursday, February 16, 2012

3,2,1 Go!!!

You know us Brewsters, we like to GO!!!  Before we go to bed at night the kids ask what are we going to do when we wake up.  Before rest the kids ask where are we going to go after rest.  While doing one activity the kids what to know what we are going to do next.  Well, our Valentine's Day gift is going to help us be on the go!!!
 We got an RV!!!  Or a camper bus as our kids call it!!!  We are SO excited!!!
We travel a lot and have a lot of fun trips planned for Spring Break and over the summer.  We looked at what it would cost to rent an RV for some of our travels and decided that the best thing to do would be to buy one!!!  We have been talking about this for years so it was nice to finally make a decision and go through with it!!!
Once Brad realized I was serious and gave him the "go ahead" he started scanning the internet for the perfect RV for us!  We wanted an older one but a nice one.  We need one that we can grow into but isn't too big.  We need one that help us learn if this "RVing Thing" is for us and if it isn't we don't feel like we lost our tails in the deal.  We decided that the less moving parts the better for these beginners so we found one without slides.  We were looking at smaller ones but decided that having the couch instead of chair would be better since the couch provides an extra bed and a few extra seat belts.  We went and looked at a couple of RVs and almost bought one before settling on this beauty.
Let me back up and say that RV shopping for a novice is not so easy.  We don't really know what we are looking for or what to expect.  Several dealers wouldn't let us drive them until we were ready to sign the papers... how do we know that we want to buy it if we don't know how it drives????  That's when we found one for a personal ad on craigslist and the owner let us take the RV for a drive.  We almost bought that one not knowing any different... it was our first one to drive and thought that no one else would let us drive one.
Then, the day before we were to finalize the deal on the other RV Brad found this one at Dean's RV in Tulsa, OK!!!  We called right away and made an appointment to see if first thing the next morning.  (Brad wanted to go RIGHT THEN to Tulsa but he had just gotten home and I was too tired to load up the kids and head on the road, I needed a night off!!)  At Dean's we experienced the best customer service out of any of the dealers we had visited!!  Steve showed us all the ins and outs of this RV and even let us take it for a spin!!  It was then we realized that this one had a much smoother ride and was what we were looking for!!!  It didn't take us long to make an offer on it!  This one was a steal of a deal and we couldn't pass it up!!! (as Brad is looking at it parked in our side yard I'm wondering if he is still loving our new purchase!! ; ) )
We are proud owners of a 2000 Fleetwood Jamboree 29 Class C that has a surround sound stereo system and an inside that is as good as new!!!  We can't wait to take it for our first adventure!!!  With this big purchase comes a change in my blog as well!!!  Stay tuned!!! : )

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