Sunday, February 19, 2012

Backwards Night

We are not really schedule people where we do specific things at a specific time each day.  It is kind of hard to do that since we schedule with Brad home is always changing.  I do try to keep bed time the same or as close to it as possible but that's about it.
For our kids, it probably wasn't THAT crazy when we suggested a "Backwards Night" for fun but, we made a big deal about it and they really got into it!!!  Thinking back, I could have gone a step farther and had them wear their clothes backwards but I'll save that for a Backwards Night when they are bigger!  Tonight, Brad carried Addyson backwards to our first stop....
 Cherry Berry!!!
Where we filled up on dessert BEFORE dinner!!!  We were breaking the "rules" and doing it all backwards!!!  The kids were eating it up... literally! : )
Tonight was just one of those little things I try to do to let our kids know they are loved and special and while things are not always smooth and easy we try to make up for it when we can.  We try to take the time that Brad is home and spend it wisely doing things to fill the kids' "love cups".  And tonight, I think we can say it is full... it might be full of frozen yogurt, sprinkles, and m&ms but, it is full and ready for another week!!! ; )  And I am proud to say that they did eat dinner later that night when we got home!!!

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