Sunday, February 19, 2012

Beautiful Weather

The weather has been amazing this weekend!!  Unseasonably warm and we are taking full advantage!!!  While my family in Canada is sending me pictures of them snowboarding, I'm send them pictures of us in short sleeves and playing outside!!! : )  Crazy to think that at the beginning of the week we had snow!!!
Brad took advantage of this weather and was working in the yard with his tools.  The kids saw this and ran inside to get their tools and went to work on their playhouse!  Owen was working away with his and Addyson was inside trying to find hers.
A: Mom, where are my tools?
M: I don't know. Where did you put them last?  Remember, we are suppose to put our toys away where they belong so we know where they are when we went them next.
A:  (Frustrated but not looking) I no can find them.
O: Don't worry... mommy can find them!
And of course I did.  Not where they belong but somehow I always manage to know where they left the toy they are looking for!
The weather was too nice for me to try to make a point today and have her look for her tools!  And this face was worth me finding them in peace!!! : )
In this beautiful weather I noticed I got some great shots!!!  I'm not much of a photographer but I do like taking pictures and I've noticed that my shots have gotten better over the years.  That's thanks to my "talent" and thanks to my nice camera!!  I know nothing about lighting but today I learned that with natural light...
 you can get some great action shots!
While I am a bit sad that we have somehow missed winter, I sure do love these nice days where the kids spend hours outside playing nicely together while Ethan and I sit and soak up the sun.  I love watching their bare feet run through the grass.
And I love to hear the excitement in their voice as they count down to another fast trip down the slide.
And I love the look on their faces as they have a great time soaking up this beautiful weather!

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