Thursday, February 9, 2012

Converstaions with Owen

Owen: "'Joe' says I'm a baby.  I said, No, I'm a super Spiderman." ('Joe' is a boy from school)

Me: "Are you cold.  Don't you think you need a jacket?"
Owen "No.  Pirates don't wear jackets.  They wear shirts."
Turing to Addyson whom he wants to play with him but she is playing babies, "Put your baby down.  Pirates don't have babies!"
I tried to tell him that some pirates have babies, the girls have them, and some probably wear jackets and he told me, "Jake on Neverland Pirates doesn't have a baby."

Owen: What do monkeys drink?
Dad: Water
Owen: Do they drink milk?
Dad: When they are babies they drink milk from their mommies and then when they get big they drink water.
pondering over that for a minute Owen comes back with another question....
Owen: Do monkeys drink beer?
My answer for questions that I don't really have in depth answers for or my answer I give when I am running out of steam for answering multiple questions in a row is "God made it that way."  For example, why do dogs have 4 legs?  God made them that way.

One night at dinner I poured myself a beer....
Owen: Mom, why do you like beer?
Me: It taste good?
Owen: Did God make you to like beer?
Me: Giggling.... I guess he did! : )

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