Saturday, February 4, 2012

Ethan is 4 Months

This handsome, smiley guy is 4 months old today!!!  I had to take a deep breath to say that... wasn't he just born the other day???  I swear, the more kids you have, the faster the time goes.  There is no sitting still all afternoon with a sleeping baby on your chest allowing you to take in every tiny move, feel every breath, and smell his sweet baby smell until you can't any more.
Nope, there are fleeting moments of cuteness you try to catch.  Milestones you try not to miss.  Small moments of quiet you try to savor.
And instead of being sad for Ethan because he doesn't get to spend all afternoon snuggling with me on the couch, I realize that he is much happier watching his siblings and having them entertain him than he is spending all afternoon with me.  I do get my snuggle time in with him; I savor our nap time where we get about 2 hours together cuddled up and I get to snuggle with him while we are out and about it is just not in the reclined position : ).  Instead, he is close to me as I carry him in the sling and I use that time to try to soak up every noise and smell I can.  He has graduated from the Moby!  He prefers to be in the pocket sling in a seated position sitting out so he can see everything!  If it is his nap time I'll put him in the Baby Hawk and he likes it ok.... he'd rather be facing out I think!
And noisy he still is!!!  He is still our squealer!  When he is mad, he has a high pitch squeal that lets you know he is NOT happy, there is no guessing needed!  He also still makes all of his grunts that he does as he moves around.  He is still our little piggie!!!
In more ways that one!!!  This month we have been battling night nursing.  I felt like he was nursing a lot but had no idea since we don't have a clock in our room.  Wanting to know if I was just imagining it, I finally started to track his nursing with my phone and noticed that after midnight he nurses EVERY hour!  He can't be starving!!!  But, he must think he is hungry or he is enjoying me being still for more than 5 minutes at a time and is trying to eat up to get ready for our busy day! I call him "Hungry Hippo" and sing and song about it and he smiles SO big!!!  See, even he knows he is our little piggie!! : )
But, he is hungry for a reason!  He is a growing boy!!!  He is now 26.25 inches long (88th%) and weighs in at 17 lbs 12 oz (91st%) and his head is 17.25 inches.
If he isn't nursing he is working his hand over.  His little fingers are always slobbery!!  People ask if he is teething, no, he just thinks he is hungry!! : )  He is an explorer.  He either has his hands in his mouth exploring or he can grab toys and bring them to his mouth and explores those!  He has also discovered his tongue and has started to stick it out, curl it, and make "bubbles"
If I were to quiz him (like I do the older two) here are what I think some of his answers would be...
What is your favorite drink? Breast milk
What is your favorite toy?  My green and blue monkey I got for Christmas from Grandpa Ken and Grandma Robin and the ball with holes I got in my stocking.  I also like to put blankets in my mouth and suck on them.  I am also enjoying the bear toy I play with and kick at while I am laying on my back.
What is your favorite seat?  Bouncy seat and I like the swing because I can sit up and see everyone.  I also like to sit on the couch in my boppy.
Who is your favorite person?  Owen and Addyson
What is your favorite show?  Watching Owen and Addyson
What is your favorite thing?  Anything bright, I've started to notice the tv and like with sports are on!
What is your favorite thing to do?  Besides sleeping, I like to stand!  No sitting, I must stand!  I also love to smile at strangers!
What is your favorite song?  Baa Baa Black Sheep and Hungry, Hungry Hippo
He enjoys tummy time and rolled over from tummy to back this month!  He is definitely a mover!  He can turn himself 180 degrees while on the floor.  His legs are always moving.  If he is sitting on my lap, he wants to stand.  When standing, he taps his foot.  If sitting on the couch in his boppy, he arches his back and slides down.  Maybe it is his moving and shaking that keeps him for sleeping long.  He is a cat napper just like Owen was.  Will sleep about 30 minutes unless I am sleeping with him which is why I usually lay down at nap time.  He is awake for about an hour to hour and a half and then naps for about 30 minutes.  At night he likes to go to bed around 6:30... downside is he likes to get up around 6.... I thought babies liked to sleep in until 8 or 9.  Not this boy!  If he goes down late, he wakes up earlier.... yesterday he was up at 5:30.  Makes for little sleep for this momma between night nursings and early morning wake ups.  Thankfully he likes to wake up and play with this toys while I drink my coffee and wake up!
Speaking of being on the go... he is done with my photo shoot and ready to move on!!!  He has been a wonderful addition to our family.  He makes me and the rest of the family smile and laugh every day and the love in this house for him from his siblings and for his siblings from him is overflowing.  Happy 4 months little man!!!

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