Monday, February 13, 2012

First Snow

It FINALLY looks like winter in Fayetteville!!!
We woke up to snow this morning!!!  Yay!!!  The kids were SO excited to finally see snow!!  Especially after their Christmas morning disappointment when Santa didn't bring snow!!!!
When Addyson woke up Owen rushed her to the door to look out to see then snow and then he told her.... "Addyson, we have snow!!!  Jesus gave us snow!  Santa doesn't bring it!  Jesus does!!!"
It was too early for me to get moving and get the kids bundled up to take outside so we thought it would be better to bring the snow inside so they could enjoy it while we enjoyed staying warm inside and got to drink our coffee!!!
They requested bowls and spoons so they could get to work making something!!!  They had a blast and it was really cute to watch!
As soon as Ethan woke up they called him in to come see the snow... Ethan's First Snow!!!!  He wasn't sure what to think about the pile of cold daddy just put his hand in!
Then we made a big snow ball for him to hold...
then, like all things he gets a hold of, he put it in his mouth....
not sure he knew what to think of the cold!!!  Not what he was expecting!!!!
Hooray for our first snow!! I'm afraid it is going to melt too quickly ( it is suppose to be in the 50s tomorrow) so we'll enjoy it while it lasts and hope for another snow day soon!!!

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