Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Haircut Wednesday

Haircut Wednesday is not a tradition in this house but it became a bit of an event this week.  How?  Well it has to do with our hard-headed 2 year old who hair was getting a bit shaggy.  We've been trying to get her to let us trim her hair for a while, even going to haircut appointments with daddy and Owen but every time she was there she would brush her hair with her hands and say, "I no need a hairtut!" and there was no telling her otherwise!
Sunday we were eating dinner and her hair came up in conversation.  I think Brad asked her when she was going to get a haircut and her response was "Wednesday".  So we confirmed this, "You want to get a haircut Wednesday?" and she said, "Yes!"  So, it became official, we were preparing for the rest of the week for Haircut Wednesday!  This was our chance!!!
During breakfast Wednesday morning Addyson and daddy talked about getting her hair cut and when I woke up she told me she was going to get her hair cut today!  All was great!  She woke up from a nap about 4:30 and we rushed off to Pigtails and Crewcuts!  We got there at 5:20 and they close at 5:30... Whew!  Just in time!  We NEEDED to get her hair cut today, it was our one chance!  She happily picked out a chair, let the lady spray her hair (this was the same lady that gave her her first hair cut in December which Addyson did great for), and then the lady started to snip away.
Everything was okay until she was asked to look at her feet and she didn't want to.  The lady kept asking her to look down and Addyson wasn't interested and then Addyson started screaming and crying and that was that. : (  I had to hold her so the lady wouldn't poke her with the scissors!  To cut her bangs she just did a quick snip straight across.  There was sweat and tears but it was all over with before long and she got a trim up.
Once she was done the little stinker then requested the sucker I was trying to bride her with.  What do I do?  Give it to her???  She wasn't good but, I guess it could have been worse!  I asked the lady to give it to her so Addyson would remember that for next time and maybe the next cut (in 6 months) will go smoother!  Not sure I'm in love with her new bangs but, it will do for now and hopefully the trim up with inspire her hair to grow some more!  I know it helped after her last cut!  Now, I just have to figure out what to do with her hair as it slowly grows out so it doesn't look so shaggy around the ears as it flips up.  She won't wear bows... any tips???   Here's hoping next Haircut Wednesday goes a bit smoother!

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