Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hear that?

Do you hear that, mom?
An ice cream truck in February?!?!  Really?!?!
Yep, instead of frozen ground and hands and feet.  We are having a frozen treat and lips and belly!!!
The weather is so nice that the ice cream truck has come out of hibernation and has started to make its rounds around the neighborhoods and little kids are remembering the sounds of the summer, grabbing their dollar bills, and running out front....
to wave their arms and get the ice cream truck to stop so they can make their tasty selection.  They eagerly wait for their frozen treat, hand over their money, and then rip open the package so they can sink their teeth into their ice cream treat.
Then, with chocolate on their faces as a sign of dessert before dinner (again this week), they head out to burn off the sugar and soak up the sun!!!
What better way to do that than to go throw rocks in the water and look for animals.  Do they too think that it is summer and time to come out and show their faces???  I know some of the flowers think it is Spring... maybe the animals do to!
There were no successful turtle spottings this trip but that didn't stop Owen from enjoying the beautiful day!

Sister wasn't as impressed... the wind was too much for her... it is February after all.
Do you hear that? It is the sound of the ice cream truck in the distance, the squeal of another little kid grabbing their money and heading out front to stop the truck, and the cool wind rustling through the trees on the golf course reminding us that Spring isn't here just yet.... despite the weather's best efforts to make Spring come early this year.

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