Friday, February 10, 2012

Krispy Kreme Tour

If you know me then you know I'm a sucker for doughnuts!!!  I'm not a huge fan of all sweets but this morning treat is just too much for me to resist!!!  When we got a Krispy Kreme in our area about 10 years ago I was SO excited and then bummed to find out it was going to be in Rogers, a 25 minute drive away.... now I know it is probably for the better!!!  I'll never forget my birthday when Brad was in Iraq... my mom drove up to KK that morning to get doughnuts for me and surprised me with them when I woke up that morning!!!  Now, any time we are driving up North in the morning I make sure we stop in if the "Hot" sign is on!!!
Krispy Kreme was Owen's first morning treat on my birthday 4 years ago when he was 15 months old!!!  Since then he is hooked too!!!  When we found out the MOMS Club was doing a tour there this morning we couldn't pass up on the fun!!!
The gentleman that gave us the tour was great!!!  He took the kids through all of the steps needed to make a doughnut from....
 the flour and yeast... and he let the kids feel what each of those felt like...
 to mixing those ingredients with water and let the kids feel what an uncooked doughnut felt like.
I love how Addyson shared with her brother and the look on his face when he got to feel the uncooked doughnut and the look on her face... she is just as excited for him as he is!  I love watching the two of them interact especially in public.  They stick close and take care of each other.  I'll be anxious to see how they both take Ethan under their wings!
After we got to see the uncooked doughnuts, we went over to see the doughnuts go into the oven where their rise before going into the dunking/cooking line.
Here the kids got to feel what a doughnut felt like after rising!!!
 She was SO proud of herself for getting one!! : )  Again, she went to share with Owen!
 Then the kids got to learn how they were going to decorate their doughnut!!
After their doughnut got dunked in chocolate, which they do by hand there, they kids got to put sprinkles on!
After decorating his, Owen stood close by Addyson to make sure she knew how to do it!!!  Always taking care of his little sis!!!
Since we were there I couldn't eat just one.... I know, bad!!!  A trip to KK doesn't help me get rid of this baby weight!!!  Guess I'll have to push extra hard at Zumba tonight!!! : )  The kids were SO excited to see the box of doughnuts in addition to the one they were already eating!!!  Thankfully we had also planned to go to a place for the kids to burn off all of the sugar!!!  We headed to Jump Zone for 2 of fun before eating lunch and heading home to nap!!!  What a morning!!!  On the way home Owen asked (as usual) where we were going after rest.  Really?!?!  Aren't you exhausted???  Haven't we done enough already??  I tried to explain to him that while going out is fun and easy for him it isn't so easy for mommy who has to care for 3 kids while out and about.  I need some rest!!!  I'm glad we are able to go and do but really, down time is good too.... for all of us!

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